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    Watch This Teenage Boy Transform Into A Grown Man And Feel The Feelings

    Turns out going from teen to adult-ish is easier with help from experts!

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    Transitioning from being a teen to ~adulting~ can be difficult. Especially if you're not exactly the most self-assured person in the world.

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    Well our very own Chloe Zak is here to the rescue.

    This is Roman, and he answered a casting call put out by BuzzFeed looking for teens who could use a little help improving on some aspects of their lives.


    "I never really cared about what I was wearing before. Now it's starting to, like, affect me personally so I definitely need to change that," Roman says.

    After chatting with Roman for a bit, Chloe decided that he needed help in three different areas: skin care, fashion, and confidence.


    So Chloe assembled a team of life experts on a mission to help Roman discover that extra bit of confidence as he blossoms into adulthood.

    First up, Norman met with Lindsay who loves all-things skincare.


    She created a hygene and skincare regime that Roman could easily incorporate into his day-to-day routine.

    Lindsay discovered Roman's skin care routine consisted of showering, sometimes using sunscreen, and never using moisturizer. Whaaat?


    She explained that moisturizing is super important because when you wash your face, you strip it of its natural oils. If your skin is too dry, it may overproduce oils, causing it to break out.

    Lindsay recommended these products for Roman to use on a daily basis.


    She said, "Since you already have a fast skincare routine, I don't want to add too much to your plate."

    Next, Roman met with Jazzmyne, who's our resident style icon. She stepped in to help Roman discover his personal style.


    He said a lot of the clothes he wears are hand-me-downs (he's one of eight siblings).

    He was willing to try plaid pants but was hesitant about wearing red (although it really suited his skin tone).


    He said, "It's kind of vibrant." LOL!

    After picking out a ton of stuff and trying it all on, Jazzmyne knew they had found the perfect outfit.


    He said, "I'm looking forward to seeing what this is gonna end up looking like."

    Lastly, it was time for the last piece of the puzzle, which was confidence-building with Matt.


    Matt explained that easing into talking about feelings and emotions can be highly beneficial because you become more comfortable with it and it can help you lead a better life.

    Roman was looking to feel more comfortable and confident about himself in social situations.


    So they pretended to be at a party so Roman could practice making small talk with people he doesn't know.

    Matt said small talk can be lame, but at least it gives you a starting point and something to build on.


    He said, "It's like terrible conversation but it just gives you an "in." It's also okay if you're more of an introvert. That said, it's also cool to kind of experiment a little bit and push beyond your comfort zones.

    Okay, so after Roman talked to Lindsay about skincare, Jazzmyne about fashion, and Matt about confidence, they were ready for the big makeover reveal.


    And here it is!


    They loved the outfit because it was trendy but still keeping it casual.


    They even got a little fashionable camouflage on the inside of his jacket.

    When he saw himself in the mirror, Roman said, "Damn I look good!" Whoa! Check out that newly-discovered confidence.


    Chloe said, "I can't believe how confident you sound. It's like miles apart from where you were."

    Roman said he felt incredible and thought he looked great in his new outfit.


    He was super grateful for everything they did to help find his personal style and take his confidence to the next level.

    Roman said he felt really good about how everything turned out, and this was definitely going to be a lifestyle change and not just some quick thing.


    "A huge part of this has just been being able to interact with the people that I have been. A lot of them had a lot of very empowering things to share with me."

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