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    57 Things You Never Knew About Kristin From BuzzFeed Ladylike

    "I already regret saying that."

    There's no better way to really get to know someone than by having them answer a bunch of random questions, amirite? Take Kristin here...


    She's going to let us in on (count 'em) 57 things that we did not know about her.

    Watch the entire video below.

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    Let's go!

    1. She's afraid of the dark.

    SplitShire / Via

    2. She's also incredibly afraid of the Babadook.

    vicente nirō / Via

    Yes, she knows it isn't real, but she's still afraid of him. Get over it.

    3. Kristin is afraid of the movie The Ring.

    DreamWorks / Via

    So much so, in fact, that she wouldn't sit in front of the TV alone at night because she was afraid of haunted video tapes.

    4. She doesn't understand why people are afraid of tiny holes.

    Patricia Keith / Via

    5. Kristin loves "granny panties" above all other types of panties.

    AwesomenessTV / Via

    6. She only sleeps on her stomach and doesn't understand how or why anyone would sleep in any other position.

    SoulPancake / Via

    7. She doesn't like tacos. (gulp)

    Taco Bell / Via

    "I already regret saying that."

    8. But she loves burritos.

    JLRReyes / Via

    "A burrito is basically just a taco but with more gift wrap."

    9. Kristin loves hummus.

    Creative Commons / Via

    10. The majority of the things she eats are chicken and rice in various iterations.

    secretlondon123 / Via Flickr: secretlondon

    11. Her first word was "banana."

    PlayKids / Via

    12. She was born with a full head of hair.


    Yes, that's an adorable baby Kristin.

    13. It's basically impossible for her to get up before 8:30 a.m.

    Sing Movie / Via

    14. Kristin just finished playing Super Mario Odyssey and she thought it was awesome.


    15. She talks a lot about how she doesn't like pants, but she actually hates shorts even more.

    Emma Darvick / Via

    16. If she cuts her hair really short, it gets super "ringlet-y" and she looks like a clown.


    17. Her favorite game as a kid was to hide in the corner and read. LOL!

    Creative Commons / Via

    18. She didn't learn how to snap until the summer after college.


    19. Kristin once got huge fake acrylic nails in an effort to impress a boy in improv class.

    Creative Commons / Via

    20. She wears a 7 shoe size.

    ola szmida / Via

    21. She also has very wide feet.

    Esther Max / Via Flickr: 29971610@N02

    22. When she was 15, she broke her right foot after falling off a bus at a space tournament.


    She still competed and got second place!

    23. When she was 9, she won a poetry contest that a bookstore was hosting.

    Percolate Galactic / Via

    24. When she a teen, she was on the swim team for a few years.


    She wasn't terrible, either.

    25. Kristin only has one ovary.

    Creative Commons / Via

    26. The door handle on her driver's side car has been broken for about three years.

    Paramount Pictures

    You can only open it from the outside.

    27. When she was a kid, her first pets were rabbits.

    Lindsey Lea / Via

    28. When she was 7, she asked her mom for a party dress with "big puffy pillows in the front."


    She meant boobs.

    29. When she was a kid, her parents took her to San Antonio but didn't realize all the theme parks would be closed.

    Saturday Night Live / Via

    So they ended up visiting all the missions in San Antonio for several days.

    30. She went to three different elementary schools because her family moved a lot.

    PIXNIO / Via

    31. When she was 5, she asked her mom to come close to she could tell her a secret. Kristin then whispered this...


    She has felt very badly about that ever since.

    32. If a dessert doesn't have chocolate in it, Kristin considers it to be somewhat pointless.

    JoseLeo2018 / Via

    33. She loves Tabasco.

    powerblog / Via

    34. But she loooooves Sriracha.

    Animation Domination High-Def / Via

    35. When she was in Kindergarten, Kristin was so afraid of getting in trouble that her mom suggested to her teacher she should randomly get in trouble, just so she realized it wasn't such a big deal.



    36. Also at age 5, she drooled on her mat during nap time and was scared she would get in trouble. Awww!

    Lifetime / Via

    37. Her ears were once double-pierced, but she never wore earrings so the holes closed back up.

    bohed / Via

    38. Kristin is incredibly allergic to Epoxy.


    She found that out after using it to glue her eyeglasses together.

    39. She doesn't like rosé.

    kaboompics / Via

    Although she will accept it as a gift.

    40. Kristin has really bad astigmatism.


    41. She has worn glasses since she was 8 years old.

    Creative Commons

    42. She has a graduate degree from Northwestern University.


    Go Cats!

    43. She earned a master's degree in fine arts in screenwriting.

    Creative Commons / Via

    "I think I cannot even say it without laughing."

    44. She never got any attention in high school.

    Creative Commons / Via

    As far as she can remember.

    45. She tried to forge her parent's signature on a test she failed when she was 7 by trying to glue their actual signature onto the test.


    It didn't work. Ha!

    46. Kristin is deathly afraid of spiders.

    Creative Commons / Via

    47. She loves honey mustard.

    Disney / Via

    48. She's really good at making up words to songs off the top of her head.


    49. Kristin doesn't have any tattoos, and she doesn't want any tattoos.

    Creative Commons / Via

    50. She has never stolen anything.

    Gwen Stefani / Via

    Except by accident when she was small.

    51. Kristin prefers heels to flats.

    Creative Commons / Via

    52. She plays too much "Candy Crush."


    53. She hates driving.

    Disney / Via

    And she lives in L.A.

    54. Kristin's favorite city in the world is London.

    Creative Commons / Via

    55. She thought cats were boring until about three years ago.

    Creative Commons / Via

    56. She had about five pieces of makeup before she started appearing on "Ladylike."


    57. She still wears her Crocs.


    "I know I shouldn't but I do. I'm sorry."