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    These People Were Asked To Model As Their True Authentic Selves For A Challenge

    Be yourself, and the rest will follow.

    Welcome to "Feed Famous," our social media modeling competition where finalists battle it out with weekly photo challenges using only their phones.

    This week's very special celebrity guest judge is the beautiful and talented model and actress Isis King, who has competed on America's Next Top Model.

    For this week's challenge, the competitors had to love themselves #AsIs, which means they had to take a photo showing their true authentic selves.

    This was each competitor's shot to show everyone why they deserved to be flown out to LA to compete in the grand finale challenge!

    For this particular competition, Jazz and Isis would be judging the competitors on three factors: composition, "wow factor," and "feedworthy-ness."

    Let's kick things off with Enthony, who has won the last two Feed Famous challenges. This week, he knew he wanted to pay homage to his mom, and his fashion inspiration was this really awesome portrait of his parents.

    Although his mom is cool with Enthony being gay, he thinks him using makeup would be too much for her because she would (probably) think that's too feminine.

    Wow! Enthony ended up posing in three different ways and dressing up like two different people. Yaaaaasssss!

    Next up was Victoria, who was unsure how to show who she was in just one photograph, but decided to go with bubbles because of her bubbly personality.

    Victoria wanted the whole city to serve as her background.

    Although the judges really liked the bubbles in her final shots, they weren't necessarily getting that Victoria had a bubbly personality from the photographs. Her outfit wasn't necessarily front and center, either.

    And last (but not least) was Oso. Although he was nervous at first, he decided it would be unlike any photo shoot he had ever done.

    He wore a turquoise kimono and kept it casual while still very much reflecting his style.

    The judges loved the aesthetic of Oso's photo, but thought it fell a little short when it came to this week's "love yourself As/Is" challenge.

    Okay, it was time for Jazz and Isis to deliberate on the finalists. They thought Victoria's was sort of missing the mark between what she said and what the actual photo ended up looking like.

    They thought Enthony went really deep into his inspiration and his backstory for this challenge, and was able to put it all into his photograph.

    As far as Oso, they loved his photo but felt as though he was hiding, or at least not showing them what the challenge was looking for, which was who he is.

    The judges decided Enthony deserved to be the winner for the third week in a row because of the quality of his photo. Also, the vulnerability he showed in his video was just amazing.

    Jazz and Isis were legit unable to decide who should snag the other spot in the Feed Famous finale, so they gave both Victoria and Oso a chance to plead their case to convince them why they should be in the finals.

    Then they called Oso up, who said he felt his photo really did represent him because masculinity can be very taboo, and him wearing capes or kimonos can be seen as controversial sometimes.

    After very careful consideration, the judges decided that both Victoria and Oso deserved to move forward in the finals and compete for a chance to be Feed Famous.

    So tune in next week for the very exciting season finale of Feed Famous to see who goes on to Internet fame, and who gets kicked off the feed.