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    We Tried Putting On Makeup Underwater Like Ursula And It Was A Total Disaster

    Glamming it up under the sea is not as easy as it seems.

    Applying makeup can be a real struggle for some of us.


    Now, can you imagine putting it on under water like big bad Ursula so effortlessly does in The Little Mermaid?

    Well, that's exactly what Chrissy and Selorm, the hosts of Bogus Beauty on As/Is, set out to discover in this week's episode.


    Selorm said, "I think it's crazy that she can put on makeup so well under water." Maybe she was a makeup artist when she wasn't busy stealing other people's souls? LOL!

    But before they gave it a shot, they went to talk to Virginia Hankins, a professional mermaid and mermaid instructor.


    She's also the owner of Sheroes Entertainment in Hollywood.

    Virginia said most professional underwater mermaids and models wear dive weights around their waist because it allows them to do that kind of superhero hover.


    She also explained, "When we're working underwater, we're actually blind. We can't see down there. Or if we can see it's very minimal blurs."

    Okay, so what's the worse thing that can happen while Chrissy and Selorm try to do a full face of makeup under water like Ursula?


    Virginia said if they're working with their eyes, they can actually stab themselves if they don't have a mirror and can't see (gulp). But she thought this whole undertaking was totally doable with the right products.

    Although the girls had switched off on previous Bogus Beauty challenges, they were both going underwater to try this one out for themselves dammit.


    Selorm would try to put on all liquid makeup, and Chrissy would try to apply all powder makeup. It was on.

    The vanity was set up underwater, and Selorm was up first.


    There was no turning back.

    First, she would apply the Goof Proof eyebrow pencil from Benefit.


    And she killed it.

    Then it was time for Selorm to apply some silver Aqua XL Color Paint Shadow by Makeup Forever.


    And it kind of ended up everywhere. LOL!

    Next up was another Aqua XL Color Paint Shadow by Makeup Forever. But this one was for those signature turquoise lids Ursula rocks.


    That stuff was strong, and Selorm totally did it.

    But she wasn't done yet! Just when Selorm wanted to put on some goggles, she discovered she had to apply some Voluminous Lash Paradise mascara by L'Oreal.


    She fully pulled it off. Way to go!

    Lastly, there was the iconic red lipstick in that classic Ursula makeup moment.


    Selorm had to apply some Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick by NYX and draw on a mole. Done and done. Chrissy was super impressed with Selorm's skills.

    Alright, it was Chrissy turn. She first had to apply Brow Struck Dimension Powder by Kat Von D.


    Done! Except Chrissy kind of got it all over her eyes instead of just on the brows. Ha!

    Then she had to put on some Infallible 24 HR silver eye shadow by L'Oreal.


    There were so many bubbles coming up as Chrissy smeared the powder shadow all over her face. Selorm said, "I mean, it's on you." LOL!

    Next was another Infallible 24 HR eye shadow by L'Oreal in turquoise for just the eyelids. Let's do this!


    This required a second dip underwater for Chrissy but she totally managed to get some on in her second attempt.

    Next was the Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara by Too Faced, and not poking her eye out was high on Chrissy's priority list.


    She totally got it on, just not necessarily on her eyelashes.

    Then Chrissy had to throw on some Full Throttle red lipstick by NYX and that signature Ursula mole.


    She really had to press that baby on since it was solid and not liquid.

    Let's just say Chrissy was not impressed with the results of her underwater makeup session.


    "Why is it all over my face? How did this even happen?"

    In their beauty breakdown, they decided Selorm's aqua eye shadow is mostly in the right place, and both the mascara and lipsick looked amazing.


    The grey eye shadow is where things may have gone a little off-track.

    Chrissy was mostly inspired by her avant-garde look as she attempted to recreate Ursula's makeup.


    Hey, the eye shadow was at least in the right area because the mascara was just totally off. LOL!

    After it was all said and done, Chrissy and Selorm, the official myth busters of Bogus Beauty, had come to an official conclusion.


    You can, indeed, apply makeup underwater, but it has to be waterproof, liquid makeup.


    So this experiment was most definitely NOT Bogus.

    To watch the entire episode of Bogus Beauty, check out this video!

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