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    Kids In NYC Can Swap Out Unwanted Candy At A Reese's Converter Machine

    Exchanges welcome.

    When you were a kid, there was nothing like taking stock of your candy inventory after trick-or-treating on Halloween, and trading all the stuff you didn’t like with your friends and siblings.

    Leannimator / Via

    Well, Reese’s is taking that to a whole other level this year with their brand new Reese’s candy converter machine being rolled out for Halloween.

    Reese's / Via Twitter: @reeses

    What’s that you ask? Reese’s announced plans to set up a candy converter on Fifth Avenue in New York City for five hours (or up to 10,000 cups) on Halloween.

    No tricks here. Trade in your Halloween candy for Reese's candy. What'd you expect from the GOAT of Halloween?! #ReesesCandyConverter #NotSorry

    That means that kids in NYC who are unhappy with their Halloween loot after trick-or-treating can go to this candy converter and trade it in for — you guessed it — Reese’s peanut butter cups.

    Reese's / Via

    People are already psyched to get rid of the stuff they don't want. LOL!

    @reeses I’ll trade you all this candy corn for some peanut butter cups.... 😩

    And some are concerned the machine will run out of peanut butter cups before they can make the exchange.

    @reeses What if the machine ran out of Reese's?

    Reese's lovers everywhere are super excited about this peanut butter cup dispensing machine. Perhaps too excited?

    @reeses I need that machine in my house! 🙌💜

    Now if they could just expand their reach and have a few more Reese's converter machines...

    @reeses That's awesome wish their was one near me !! I would definitely visit it !!

    One thing's for sure. Looks like all that unwanted candy corn, random hard candy, and flavorless gum will finally have somewhere to go (that's not the trash).

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