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    An Author Made A Rather Convincing Argument Of Why Belle Should've Picked Gaston

    "There may be something there that wasn't there before."

    Author Dana Schwartz made a rather bold argument when it comes to Disney couples and characters. It all started with this graph she posted about Disney villains.

    An important graph about Disney villains

    It charts how valid their points of view are as well as how sexually attractive she finds them.

    Then the discussion really took off when she shared this follow-up tweet.

    Okay, okay, here's the full powerpoint I made about why Belle should have chosen Gaston:

    That’s right. Dana did a full-on Powerpoint presentation to back up her arguments...and it goes a little something like this:

    Dana Schwartz / Via Twitter: @DanaSchwartzzz

    First things first.

    Dana Schwartz

    A little about him.

    Dana Schwartz

    And then there's option B.

    Dana Schwartz

    And a little background.

    Dana Schwartz

    A side-by-side comparison of Gaston vs. the Beast.

    Dana Schwartz

    Dana even added some historical context.

    Dana Schwartz

    And then posed this very important question:

    Dana Schwartz

    What happens in France at the end of the 18th century?


    Dana Schwartz

    Then she provided a very handy timeline.

    Dana Schwartz
    Dana Schwartz
    Dana Schwartz
    Dana Schwartz

    Dana broke down the facts to drive her point home.

    Dana Schwartz

    An unofficial rendition of what the Prince's fate might have looked like.

    Dana Schwartz

    The End.

    Dana Schwartz

    Naturally, this thread drew reactions. Some people totally and completely agreed with Dana's take.

    This is 100 percent, indisputably the correct take

    And even gave her kudos for her thorough report.

    This is incredibly well researched.

    And then others (pretended to be) a bit offended.

    @DanaSchwartzzz Well I never. But but but: the Beast has a beautiful library full of beautiful books while Gaston is an analphabète imbécile.

    And one person thought Belle deserved better than both her options.

    @hale_razor @DanaSchwartzzz Gaston is a popular meathead who has no qualms for Belle’s feelings and views her as a womb eager to have his children, no matter how representative of the proletariat he may be. She deserved better than BOTH.

    One thing's for sure: There's nothing like an alternative Disney ending to get people talking.


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