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    This Little Girl Picked A Horror Movie As Her Birthday Party Theme And It's Perfect

    She gets it.

    Once in a blue moon there’s a kid who’s willing to say “Screw it!” to all the norms of a birthday party and go against the grain.

    Chuck-E-Cheese / Via

    And that’s exactly where 3-year-old Lucia comes in with her badass birthday party themed out to the 2018 horror movie The Nun.

    We first found out about her after Lucia’s cousin, Andrea, posted this tweet.

    dreeaaxo_ / Via Twitter: @dreeaaxo_

    We spoke to Andrea, who told Buzzfeed that Lucia first saw The Nun at her grandmother’s house and insisted on watching the whole thing.

    So, when Lucia's birthday came around, Andrea said she would not stop telling her mom that this is what she wanted to do.

    And in case anyone was wondering if her friends participated in the theme...

    Oh, and get this: Bonnie Aarons, the actor who plays the nun, contacted Lucia’s mom and offered to send her a gift. How cool is that?

    Atomic Monster/New Line Cinema / Via

    People instantly fell in love with Lucia’s costume, which prompted a whole bunch of other pics of kids who think outside the box.

    @dreeaaxo_ She should be friends with my niece. ;)


    @dreeaaxo_ omg hahaha I love this! this was my nephews theme for his 6th birthday

    This was the consensus, pretty much.

    @dreeaaxo_ i fully support whatever decision this child makes for the rest of their life

    Look! She even inspired some original artwork.

    @dreeaaxo_ @countessalucard I did this in her honor 🙏

    So, even though Lucia is only 3 and doesn’t really understand the concept of “going viral,” Andrea said they’ll have plenty of pictures to show her in the future.

    dreeaaxo_ / Via Twitter: @dreeaaxo_

    Praise, Lucia!

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    Andrea's age and Lucia's name were misstated in an earlier version of this post.

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