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    This Dad Apologized After He And His Son Wore Nazi Costumes For Halloween


    Dressing up in costume is part of what makes Halloween so much fun. But one father took things way too far and is now apologizing for his blatantly bad judgment.

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    Bryant Goldbach thought it would be a good idea for him and his young son to dress up like Nazis for a trick or trick event in Owensboro, Kentucky. It wasn’t.

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    People were absolutely outraged when the picture of Bryant dressed as a Nazi soldier and his 5-year-old son as Adolf Hitler was shared online.

    Bryant said his last-minute costume choice was meant for historical purposes, but now admits he didn’t think through his bad idea.

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    He told that he knew he made a mistake. “I think it was in bad taste for me to let my child wear that, probably for me to wear that. It didn’t occur to me. I thought it was a bad decision on my part.”

    The Kentucky father said he quickly realized he had made a mistake after the first person approached him to say something.

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    After the gathering, he posted the following message on social media.

    The Rabbi at nearby Temple Adath B’nai Israel in Evansville, Indiana issued a statement after this incident asking people to be mindful of the costumes they choose to wear for Halloween.

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    He said, “The fact that the father apologized is important; the fact he did not know the costumes would be offensive is a very sad reflection on our society.”

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