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    A Dad Created These Playtime Bed Sheets For Kids In The Hospital To Pass The Time

    Perfect hospital pastime.

    It’s never fun to be in the hospital for an extended period of time. Particularly if you’re a kid.

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    Which is why Kevin Gatlin, a father in Charlotte, North Carolina, came up with a great invention and, after two years in the making, brought it to life.

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    We’re talking about these board game bedsheets called “Playtime Bed Sheets” that are helping keep kids busy as they battle their illnesses in the hospital.

    Kevin told WCNC that he had always thought the hospital environment was boring and monotonous.

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    So he decided to do something about it and invented these great bed sheets.

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    As you can see, the sheets are interactive and feature games and lessons for kids to play while they’re spending time in bed.

    Just look at this adorable little guy's face.

    PlaytimeEdventures / Via Facebook: PlaytimeEdventures

    And this kid is all smiles atop his Playtime Bed Sheets.

    PlaytimeEdventures / Via Facebook: PlaytimeEdventures

    As of 2019, Kevin is glad to report his sheets are in 10 hospitals that he knows of, but people can actually buy the bed sheets online for $24.99 and donate them to hospitals across the country.

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