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    This Huge Carrot Is Actually A Big Piece Of Meat Just Introduced By Arby's

    "I'm done with 2019 now."

    Arby's has done something different with the time-honored carrots.

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    That's because they just introduced the "Marrot," which is basically a huge piece of meat shaped like a carrot.

    I don’t like carrots but I think I would definitely like “marrots” 😂🦃🥕

    The fast-food chain said it isn't interested in looking into meat alternatives like other chains are doing.

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    Instead, Arby's created what it is now calling "the world's first 'Meat Vegetable' or 'Megetable.'"

    Naturally, people are left scratching their heads.

    TF is a Marrot?????????????????????? A MEAT BASED CARROT BYE

    And let's just say, there's not a lot of excitement surrounding the "megetable."

    Arby’s concocted something it calls a “marrot,” which is a faux carrot made out of meat. It’s not available to customers now. Arby’s marrot consists of marinated turkey breast and a carrot marinade flavored with dried carrot juice powder. 🤢😲 @soledadobrien @ErinGardiner4

    Seriously, people can't even with this meat-based carrot.

    I just saw a commercial for @Arbys meat-based carrot -- the marrot -- and I'm done with 2019 now.

    So just to reiterate: This is a slab of turkey breast made to look like a carrot, rolled and cooked in a cheesecloth, before being tossed in dried carrot juice powder.


    Now you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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