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    Everyone Is Genuinely Confused About How Many Towels A Couple Should Own

    Not so cut and dry.

    It all started with this tweet by Yashar Ali suggesting how many towels a couple should own.

    As a couple you should own a minimum of the following 10 Bath Sheets 10 Bath Towels 10 Hand Towels 20 Wash Cloths Preferably more

    He was replying this very important question about what the "correct" number of towels you should own as a couple was.

    hello fellow adults. my gf and i have a question... what is the correct amount of towels to own? i said 10 and she looked at me like i was crazy. we have zero frame of reference on the appropriate amount of towels in a household of two.

    But as soon as people started throwing out numbers, there were caveats. Like, what if you work out a lot?

    @Terr @Advil don’t you workout 3 times a day how does that work

    And then there were serious lists like this one with very specific amounts for very specific types of towels.

    @Advil 6 big nice towels 6 nice hand towels 4 - 6 fancy hand towels 6 washcloths 3 gross towels doe dogs/mud/whatever 2 backups just in case

    Which led to this very basic, yet important question.

    @lizzieohreally i’m going to sound very dense but.... what’s the distinction between nice hand towels and fancy hand towels 🧐

    And we come to find out that the difference between nice hand towels and "fancy" hand towels is simply this.

    @Advil @lizzieohreally Ones you use vs. Ones you put out for guests.

    Ones you use yourself vs. ones you put out for guests.

    Then someone else brought up another great point. What about the pets?

    @Advil plus another two or three per dog

    Then there's people who use a clean towel every single time they shower.

    @Advil My roommate uses a new one every time he showers and thinks it’s normal. Can someone confirm?

    People were seriously concerned about the laundry situation in that household.

    @DeborahONeill92 @HrefnaHelga @jasonms316 @Advil Okay, but couldn’t you each hang up your own towels & reuse the next day? I’m sobbing for your laundry basket.

    But then someone pointed out a legit reason to use a clean towel every day and the point was taken, and sh*t got real.

    @memnosoncos @SarcasticLauren @DeborahONeill92 @HrefnaHelga @jasonms316 @Advil I have acne prone skin. I like to use a new towel every day to prevent break outs. The most environmentally reckless thing you can do is have children. I don’t have children, so I can use all the towels I want.

    "The most environmentally reckless thing you can do is have children. I don’t have children, so I can use all the towels I want."

    This is a pretty accurate reading of this thread tbh.

    @Advil I’m reading a thread about how many towels people have and I’m fascinated and horrified.

    And for anyone out there reading this realizing you perhaps have too many towels? Here's something to think about.

    @Advil This was a weirdly interesting thread. For any folks who are reading this and realizing that you have more towels than you want/ need, please consider donating old ones to your local animal shelter- they ALWAYS need towels ❤️

    @AmyHeckathorn @memnosoncos @SarcasticLauren @DeborahONeill92 @HrefnaHelga @jasonms316 @Advil

    So what do you think — how many towels should an average couple own?