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Cory Bernardi Accidentally Ended Up In A Marriage Equality Photo And His Reaction Was Priceless

"It's not contagious Cory!"

Conservative senator Cory Bernardi became an unlikely ally of the "yes" campaign when he accidentally gatecrashed a photoshoot by Labor politicians.

@mattkeogh @walabor @MadeleineMHKing @TimHammond1 @Louise_Pratt @linessue @GlennSterle @JoshWilsonMP Always been on…

Needless to say, when BuzzFeed News tweeted the photo of Bernardi, the internet lost its collective shit.

@workmanalice @stephwhite12 "THE RAINBOWS!!! THEY BURN!!!!" oh my god I am still laughing.

@workmanalice Don't look at meeeee!!!

@workmanalice @stilgherrian "I'm melting...meeeeellllttttiiiiiinnnnggggg!!!!"

@workmanalice No it ws just another white man trying to dab...

@workmanalice Poor Cory. He looks like he's frantically trying to wipe of any "gay" germs that may have landed on his suit.

@workmanalice It's like watching the evil villain stumble away from a Care Bear stare.

@workmanalice I think he needs a large crucifix and a garland of garlic.

@workmanalice Saw this on a Simpsons facebook page, you've started a new meme

@workmanalice Moments later.....

@workmanalice @rabbitandcoffee Maybe it's more a case of parapraxis, than anything else. Maybe Cory, in his heart o…