A Mother Was Sent A "Vile" Anti-Muslim Flyer By A Group With Liberal Party Links

    "The women dressed like ninjas while the men were dressed by Billabong."

    A Sydney mother has told BuzzFeed News she was "disgusted" after her child found a "vile" anti-Muslim newspaper in their mailbox, produced by a group with ties to the Liberal party.


    The mother of three, who lives in Sydney's inner-west, contacted BuzzFeed News after receiving the four-page anti-Islam Face The Facts newspaper distributed by the Q Society.

    "My kid literally pulled it out of the mailbox," she said. "And when I saw the big writing about Sharia law I felt sick to my stomach."

    "I thought: 'If we were a Muslim family, how would we feel to get this in the mail?' An entirely properly produced newsletter basically talking about how much of a threat to Australian society we are."

    The mother, who requested to remain anonymous over fears she may be targeted by the right-wing group who produced the "vile" newspaper, described what she read as an example of "fake news" that encourages fear-mongering around Sharia law, halal certification and the hijab.

    One story links Adolf Hitler to Islam and alleges Muslim soldiers helped in the genocide of the Jewish population during World War II.

    "It was illogical, poorly researched political propaganda... disgusting... just total crap," she said.

    In one anonymous opinion column a man argues that halal must be a scam because he saw a McDonald's in Thailand "packed with Muslims" eating pulled pork burgers and Big Macs with bacon.


    In the same column, the author proclaims that he and his wife were "too nervous to go in the pool" when surrounded by Muslim people on the beach in Phuket.

    "The women dressed like ninjas while the men were dressed by Billabong," he said.

    The man claims Muslim people were tipped off to leave a resort in Thailand the night before a bomb was set off by Muslim separatists.

    Another anonymous story makes a similar accusation, alleging that the man behind the Sydney siege terrorist attack in 2014 let a "leading Australian halal certifier" leave the premises before taking hostages.

    The Sydney mum described this as particularly "disgraceful", adding, "there's been a whole inquest into [the Sydney siege] and at no point has it been suggested that someone from the halal industry was linked".

    She hopes that other people who receive an unrequested copy of Face The Facts approach it with a critical eye but worries "how gullible the population that gets this stuff is".

    BuzzFeed News has spoken to three households across Sydney who have found the paper in their mailbox.

    The Face The Facts newspaper was produced by the Q Society, which describes itself as "Australia's Premier Islam-critical Organisation".

    well this is a charming little newsletter to find in the letterbox

    Formed in 2010 the Q Society, named after its founding location of Kew in Melbourne, claims to have thousands of members across the country.

    It has previously been linked to a campaign to stop the construction of a mosque in Bendigo, and has published the book Getting Through: How To Talk To Non-Muslims About The Disturbing Nature of Islam.

    In 2015 it launched its own political party, the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA). The day after its launch, Geert Wilders from the Netherlands' anti-immigration Party for Freedom, spoke at an ALA media conference.

    A brief look at the party’s manifesto shows that it wants to ban Muslim migration for 10 years, scrap the halal certification regime and get Australia to withdraw from the UN Refugee Convention.

    The group is a not-for-profit, but regularly holds public events around the country flying in authors, politicians, scholars and civil rights campaigners to "educate about the true nature of Islam".

    An upcoming Q Society event will feature appearances by anti-halal Liberal senator Cory Bernardi, Queensland Liberal National MP George Christensen, former Liberal politician turned conservative commentator Ross Cameron... and rock star Angry Anderson.

    Q Society / Via qsociety.org.au

    The Q Society says the "Defending Freedom of Speech" event will bring together "fellow freedom fighters" and raise money for "the legal defence fund" of Kirralie Smith.

    Smith is the founder of anti-halal group Halal Choices. She is currently being sued for defamation.

    At the time of publishing the Q Society had not returned BuzzFeed News' questions.

    Alice Workman is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Canberra.

    Contact Alice Workman at alice.workman@buzzfeed.com.

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