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    37 Amazon Canada Products That Are, Frankly, Smarter Than I’ll Ever Be

    I'm jealous of how genius they are.

    1. A trio of denim waistband extenders that'll make your jeans, shorts, and skirts fit perfectly. Kiss the days of doing a full-blown workout routine to button up your pants buh-byeeee.

    2. A cookie shot glass pan that'll help you craft perfect little cups for your next dessert (or midnight snack). It's lined with a non-stick coating so your sweet treats will slide out easily when they're done baking.

    3. A surprisingly affordable water bottle that'll track how much you're drinking so you'll never be stuck wondering, "have I actually had enough H2O today?" A new dot will appear on the lid every time the bottle is refilled so you can easily monitor your progress.

    A person putting the cap back on their water bottle

    4. A trio of nail polish holders that can fit bottles of all sizes and will revolutionize the way you do your nails. Reviewers say they also use it for quick cleanup when they're weeding vinyl and crafting.

    5. A silicone pouch that'll keep smaller items (like baby bottle caps and reusable straws) from janglin' about in your dishwasher. It's totally flexible and can be folded both vertically and horizontally so you can customize it to fit your bits and bobs.

    A person placing the filled pouch onto the top rack of their dishwasher

    6. A double-rowed flea comb that can capture fleas at their earliest stages, before they become a big problem. Reviewers say it's also great for removing shedding hair and flaky skin thanks to its ultra-fine teeth.

    A person showing the fine teeth of the comb

    7. A slouchy beanie with LED light that'll keep your noggin warm and your surroundings visible (even in the dead of night). Now you won't have to use your phone flashlight next time you're rifling around in your bag for keys.

    The hat on a table next to a magazine

    8. A pair of grooved stacking mats that'll help you organize your cans and bottles without any extra packaging. Reviewers say they're especially great for keeping their fridges organized and love that they keep their beverages from tumbling out every time they want to grab a drink.

    Fifteen cans stacked in a pyramid on the stacking mat

    9. A medium-impact sports bra with a handy back pocket that'll hold your phone, so you won't have to. Reviewers say it keeps bouncing to a minimum and that it's comfortable enough to wear all day long.

    10. A soap holder that'll keep your favourite bar from going prematurely mushy. It drains water out the bottom so you won't be dealing with a mess of soapy scum the next time you clean your bathroom.

    A bar of soap in the transparent soap holder

    11. An expandable tension rod shelf that'll give you extra storage space in any closet. You can also hang stuff from the rods if you need more room for your ever-growing fall wardrobe.

    Several shirts hanging from one of the shelf's rods, and boxes and accessories on top of it

    12. And a set of multi-tiered pant hangers that'll save you from stuffing your mom jeans, trousers, and leggings into your drawers. They're coated with anti-slip material, so your clothes won't slither off them when you're not looking.

    Several scarves hanging on the hangers

    13. A shower-friendly silicone treat mat that’ll keep your dog distracted while you shampoo them down. It has little fronds that'll make peanut butter harder to get to so you can give them a full grooming session before they're done snacking.

    14. A smart reusable notepad that'll make electronic copies of everything you jot down with the help of a free app. Using it is simple: when you're done writing, just hold your phone above the page. The free app will detect and capture each page, creating a digital copy that looks identical to your handwritten notes.

    A person writing a grocery list out on the reusable notepad

    15. A microfibre comforter with one warm side and one cool side that'll keep you and your partner at the perfect temperatures while you sleep. Now you won't have to fight about whether or not to turn off the fan.

    The warm and cool comforter on a bed

    16. A six-pack of no-pull scrunchies that have secret pockets where you can stash your tiniest treasures. They're made of velvet so they won't tug on your strands like regular elastic bands.

    Six velvet scrunchies, one with a lipstick coming out of the pocket

    17. A non-toxic lavender and green tea candle that'll banish pet smells and keep your apartment smelling 💯. It can burn for up to 70 hours so you'll get plenty of use out of it.

    The candle on a table next to a floral arrangement and pens

    18. A pair of space-saving collapsible colanders that'll be a true blessing if your kitchen cabinets are already stuffed with pots, pans, and cooking gadgets. They have rubberized handles, making them easy to carry when they're filled with pasta or veggies.

    Two collapsible colanders filled with veggies

    19. A bestselling Battery Daddy (great name) that'll keep those pesky stray batteries from going MIA in your home. It comes with a tester so you can make sure everything you keep inside is fully functional.

    A person putting a battery into the Batery Daddy

    20. A genius 4-in-1 kitchen rack that'll keep your plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and paper towel rolls organized. It has a spice rack on top, too, so you won't have to clutter up your countertop with jars and bottles.

    21. A pair of discreet anti-chafing bands that'll save your inner thighs from rubbing together and ruining your life. Reviewers say they're super comfortable and love that they don't slide around, even when they're sweating up a storm.

    22. A roll of vinyl training tape that'll stop your furry friend from destroying your furniture. Reviewers say it's a cinch to apply and remove and love that it doesn't leave any marks on their upholstered couches and chairs.

    23. A four-pack of ring adjusters that'll make your bands fit half a size to a full size smaller so you won't have to pay to get your jewellery professionally resized. Reviewers say they're great for people whose fingers change size when the temperature rises and drops.

    A person putting the ring adjuster onto a diamond ring

    24. An airtight food dispenser with three canisters that'll mount to your wall, saving you valuable cupboard space in your kitchen. They come with measuring cups that clip onto their openings so you'll never have to do any guesswork when it comes to portioning out your pasta or cereal.

    The three canisters filled with pasta, coffee beans, and cereal

    25. A pair of cut-resistant gloves that'll protect your digits from cuts when you're slicing and dicing. Reviewers say they're a must-have for anyone who uses a mandoline or grater on the regular.

    A person wearing the gloves while cutting a piece of meat

    26. A bottle of wine drops that'll reduce the nasty side effects caused by histamines and sulfites in your vino. Now you can enjoy your cabernet without worry about headaches or hangovers.

    27. A pack of tie-free shoelaces that'll transform your favourite sneakers into slip-ons. Reviewers say they make shoes super easy to slide on and off and won't loosen if you break into a sprint.

    A pair of Adidas with tie-free shoelaces on them

    28. A suction-on drain cover for your tiny tub that'll allow you to fill it up a few extra inches so you won't have to soak in a puddle. It can fit nearly any drain and has its own overflow slot at the top that'll save you from having a flood in your bathroom.

    29. A bucket of crack-resistant spackle that goes on pink, but dries white so you'll know when you're ready to sand. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, meaning you can use it to touch up just about any crack or crevice in your home.

    30. A handy side table with a tiltable top that'll help you turn your couch into your office space. Reviewers say it improves their posture and that it's great for anyone who gets aches and pains from slouching over their laptop.

    31. An eight-pack of magnetic fasteners if your duvet cover always pops open and you're on the hunt for a more secure solution than the flimsy buttons it came with. Just spear the fabric with one of the pins and put on a backing to hold it in place. When you're ready to remove it, use the included magnetic key to pull the pieces apart and you'll be good to go.

    32. A handy pick and scoop combo that'll help you drain and skewer juicier cocktail goodies (like pickles and olives). They fit perfectly together so you'll never have one without the other.

    A person putting the skewer into the spoon

    33. A deadbolt door lock that you can control with a keypad so you won't have to do things the old-fashioned way. It takes a single press to lock and will even lock itself after a set time (chosen by you) if you forget to press it.

    The lock on a door

    34. A pair of silicone AirPod hooks that'll keep your earbuds from slipping out. Reviewers say they're super comfortable and that they keep their pods in place, even when they're doing high-intensity workouts.

    A person wearing the hooks on their headphones

    35. A change holder so you'll always have a nickel to purchase a plastic bag and a coin for your grocery cart. You can pop it right into one of your car's cup holders so you'll no longer have to go digging in your glove compartment or centre console to find funds.

    A person putting a coin into the holder

    36. A stovetop splatter guard that'll block your cooktop and backsplash when you're deep-frying veggies or whipping up bacon. It has a nonstick coating, making it a breeze to wipe down after cooking.

    A pan of bacon surrounded by the splatter guard

    37. And finally, a humidifier-cleaning fish that'll make your tank look like an aquarium and reduce the buildup of odour-causing bacteria, mould, and algae. If you want the air you breathe to be as fresh as possible, you need this lil swimmer in your life.

    The fish inside the tank of a humidifier

    If these products could talk, they'd say:

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