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    21 Sex Toys That Are So Small You Can Hide Them Anywhere

    Turns out good things do come in small packages.

    1. A eight-speed colourful mini bullet that you can hide in plain sight with your makeup collection. Lipstick or vibrator? Only you will know.

    2. A textured finger massager with nine vibration patterns that'll basically give you or your partner the Midas touch of sex. It's remote control operated and has a curved tip that targets your G-spot, so you won't have to put in any extra work.

    3. A stylish stainless steel vibrator that's pretty enough to be worn as jewelry. Can any of your other necklaces can give you an orgasm? I think not.

    4. A tongue-shaped toy that'll give your partner's neck a rest while hitting all the right spots. It can deliver everything from gentle foreplay to strong pulsing to powerful orgasms, so get ready for the ride of your life.

    5. A sonic pulsing vibrator that looks shockingly similar to an ocarina (shout out to the Zelda fans). It has eight settings, so you can choose your perfect rhythm.

    6. A curvy clitoral vibrator that has nine powerful speeds and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It also has a wireless remote, so your partner can get in on the fun, too.

    7. A sleek and compact bullet with a ring-shaped grip that makes it easier to handle than most tiny vibes. It has 12 speeds and can really pack a punch in the orgasm department.

    8. A wearable panty vibrator that you can stash in your underwear for hands-free fun.

    9. A versatile sucking sex toy that can be used on nips, clits, and everything in between. It has seven suction modes, giving you plenty to play around with.

    10. A single-speed egg that may not have all the bells and whistles that more expensive vibes do, but will get the job done (and do it well).

    11. A soft silicone bullet that comes with a lipstick-style cover, so you can take it anywhere and not be worried about germs. It may be tiny, but it has ten vibration modes to help you reach your climax.

    12. A bunny-shaped clitoral vibrator, with two ears to double your pleasure. It has three different speeds and a ton of vibration patterns that'll keep you entertained for hours.

    13. A stingray shaped stimulator that's got more curves than a country road. It has a remote control, which makes switching speeds a breeze.

    14. A mini vibrating egg that looks as good as it feels. It's remote-controlled and has six vibration modes and five different intensities.

    15. A C-shaped vibrator that'll hit all your pleasure points. It has nine vibration modes that range from soft and slow to earth-shattering, so you can control the motion of your ocean.

    16. An itty bitty bullet that's both affordable and approachable, but will get you off with its ten speeds and ten modes.

    17. A sleek palm-sized vibrator that you can create custom vibration patterns for with its free app — a major plus for when you want to shake things up.

    18. A sucking vibrator that works like a vacuum and has ten modes to give you insane amounts of pleasure.

    19. An eight-speed vibrator with a unique thumbprint design that targets your G-spot and will caress your bod into climaxing.

    20. A ribbed clitoral vibrator that has ten settings and can be controlled from up to 32 feet away using a remote, if you're into long-distance play.

    21. And finally, a Durex bullet that's under $20, but performs like a million bucks.

    You to your new vibrator: