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    27 Things You Should Probably Buy Before School Starts

    Prepare yourself before the semester starts!

    1. A set of erasable Crayola highlighters that you can easily buff away, if you make a mistake. Reviewers love how vibrant they are and say that they don't bleed through paper, even when you press hard.

    Two erasable highlighters on top of a bullet journal

    2. A pair of chic blue light-blocking glasses, so that you don't hurt your precious peepers by staring at screens all day. They help protect against eye fatigue, dry eyes, and vision falling, plus they'll make you look stylish as heck.

    A person taking a selfie while wearing the blue light-blocking glasses

    3. A rose gold phone stand that'll keep your group chat in full view, without even having to pick up your device. It's also great for FaceTime calls, Skype meetings, and watching Selling Sunset while you attempt to get some work done on your big screen.

    4. A pair of drawstring joggers, because comfy loungewear is essential to productivity (fact: nobody has ever written a successful essay while wearing jeans). Reviewers say they're solid dupes for Lululemon skinny sweats and that they're so comfy you'll probably wear them every day.

    5. And a pair of high-waisted leggings for when you want to look a bit more put together. They're made of four-way, sweat-wicking stretch fabric and have a hidden pocket in the waistband where you can store your keys or phone.

    6. A pack of index cards and cases that'll help get you prepped for your exams ahead of time. The protective cases will save them from getting crushed or smudged in your bag, so you never ruin your notes again.

    A index card case filled with index cards and dividers

    7. A genius reusable notebook that can make electronic copies of everything you jot down with the help of a free app. Using it is simple: when you're done writing, just hold your phone above the page. The free app detects and captures each page, creating a digital copy that looks identical to your handwritten notes.

    A person writing in the reusable notebook

    8. A pack of screen-cleaning wipes that'll make all your electronic gizmos look like they're fresh out of the box. The solution dries super fast and won't leave behind any annoying streaks or lines.

    A person's phone before and after using the screen-cleaning wipes

    9. A four-port USB hub that'll transfer documents between your devices at lightning speed. It has nearly 11,000 positive reviews and people love how compact and lightweight it is.

    The USB hub plugged into a laptop with two USB cables attached to it

    10. A pastel keyboard cover that'll keep your computer safe from dust, drips, and spills. It's compatible with a ton of different Apple models, so there's a good chance it'll work with yours.

    A pastel keyboard folded ontop of a laptop keyboard

    11. A canvas pencil case with two zippered compartments that'll keep all your smaller stationery supplies organized once and for all. It's machine washable, so you don't have to stress if it gets covered in pen marks.

    12. A 12-month planner that'll keep you on track for the entire school year (and beyond). Not only does it breakdown your weekly schedule, but it also keeps tabs on your personal and professional goals, wins for the week, and habits.

    An inside page of the planner broken into sections for daily and weekly goals

    13. A laptop-cooling gadget that'll clamp right to the side of your computer and keep your device from overheating when you've got a million tabs open at once. It can reduce both surface and internal temperature in minutes, and is more effective than most cooling pads.

    A laptop-cooling gadget clipped to the side of a laptop

    14. A clip-on book light, if you're a night owl who does their best work after the sun goes down. The flexible holder allows you to bend it to hit your page at just the right angle.

    A person using the book light to illuminate the pages of their novel

    15. A set of ruled sticky notes, so you can attach additional notes on top of your notes. These are great if you want to flag something in a textbook, but don't want to write on the actual page (keep that resale value high; you've got student loans to pay).

    A ruled sticky note on top of a page of notes

    16. A faux marble angled laptop desk with a cushioned memory foam bottom for optimal comfort. It has a built-in slot for your tablet and a mousepad, so you'll have everything you need to get down to business.

    The angles laptop desk with a laptop, phone, and mouse on top of it

    17. A pair of adhesive Command cord bundlers that'll keep your wires from getting tangled beneath your desk. Now you won't have to spend hours unknotting your computer charger to get some work done.

    The cord bundler stuck to a wall with a cord wrapped around it

    18. A wireless Brother scanner that takes up minimal desk real estate, so you'll still have room for your computer, phone, and eight cups of coffee. It can scan both sides of a sheet at once, so it'll save you time, too.

    The Brother scanner on a desk next to a computer, plant, notebook, and sheets of paper

    19. A stick of cult-favourite Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer that'll trick people into thinking you got a full night of sleep, even when you've stayed up all night studying. Reviewers say it has killer coverage and can be used on blemishes, too.

    20. A roll of adhesive cork covering that you can use to line your drawers or stick your memos to. Reviewers say the peel-and-stick design makes it super easy to apply.

    21. A pack of colourful Post-It flags that you can use to bookmark important pages in your textbooks. Reviewers love that they stay firmly in place, but say you can still reposition them without leaving behind sticky residue.

    A pack of Post-It flags next to a notebook filled with Post-It flags

    22. An aluminum laptop stand that'll save you from slouching over your desk while you work (good posture is important, people!). It has slots in the base, leaving your vent exposed, so your computer won't overheat.

    A laptop on top of the laptop stand next to books and a cup of coffee

    23. A genius cable spool that'll keep your cords and headphones from getting tied and tangled. No more fighting with your electronics because of your own bad decisions.

    24. A faux leather backpack that can easily be converted into a shoulder bag. The main zippered compartment is large enough fit a laptop and it has five additional pockets where you can store your school supplies and snacks.

    25. A pack of BIC gel pens with fast-drying ink that'll prevent you from smudging your notes. Reviewers love how smoothly they write and say that they work perfectly until the last drop of ink.

    A person writing out their schedule with a gel pen

    26. A time-marked water bottle that'll encourage you to drink more water, because you'll probably forget to drink your H2O when you're cramming for your tests. It has an extra-sturdy handle, making it easy to tote around while you're on the go.

    A time-marked water bottle on top of a magazine

    27. And finally, a pack of The Office-themed stickers, because you're so obsessed with the series that you want to plaster your school supplies in the characters' faces. The pack comes with 50 stickers, including Kevin and his chili, Michael screaming, and the iconic "The Office" sign.

    You waiting for the first day of school to arrive:

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