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    37 Gifts That Made Me Say, “Wait, I Want One, Too”

    TBH, I might just buy 'em for myself.

    1. An ultra-plush shaggy duvet cover set that'll see them through the coldest winter nights. It's has a soft, velvety material on the flip side, so they won't be completely smothered by fuzz.

    2. A pair of Happy Plugs earbuds that won't curl into a tangled mess like their regular headphones. They come with silicone tips, if shiny plastic buds tend to slip out of their ears (it me).

    A person holding the earbuds in their case on top of a phone

    3. These Canadian-made egg-shaped coasters for the person in your life who loves quirky home decor. They have felted bottoms, so they won't slide around their table or damage their furniture.

    4. A floral temporary tattoo, so they can see what they'd look like with ink (if they're not ready to take the plunge and commit). Reviewers say it lasts longer than a week without flaking and that it's great for planning where to get an actual tattoo.

    emma with a large, colorful illustrated floral temporary tattoo on her upper arm

    5. A celestial One Line a Day journal that'll take them a whole five years to complete. Now all their most treasured mems will be conveniently kept in one written time capsule.

    6. A terracotta oil-diffusing dome that'll match their minimalist decor vibes perfectly. Unlike electronic diffusers, this one won't make any noise, so they can have their aromatherapy sesh, without bugging their partner while they work.

    7. A genius banana ice cream maker that'll magically churn frozen fruit into delicious soft serve. They can also use it to make aesthetically-pleasing smoothie bowls, if they want to take their breakfast game to the next level.

    A person making raspberry ice cream with the Yonanas machine

    8. These cute Keds sneakers that are covered in smooches. They have ultra-cushy soles, so they'll be able to wear them all day long without getting seriously achy.

    The sneakers on a plush chair

    9. A punny BlenderBottle that'll remind them what's in store after their work out (food, always food). It's even simpler to use than a blender — all they have to is add in their protein powder, some water (or milk), and the BlenderBall, then shake away.

    Three BlenderBottles with pie, avocado, and bagel puns and doodles

    10. A Nintendo Switch Lite that'll provide hours upon hours of fun, so they'll never be bored again. It's small enough to pop in their bag, so they can take it with them on road trips and cottage adventures.

    A person holding the Nintendo Switch in front of plants

    11. This oversized heating pad that'll help relieve pain and built-up tension with its magical warming powers. It's made of soft, plush material that makes it comfortable enough to wear on bare skin.

    12. A sporty Adidas backpack that they can use to tote around their essentials. It zips and clips at the top, so their stuff will be extra safe and secure.

    The backpack with both its zips and clips done up

    13. This self-care bundle from Blume that'll give their skin a one-way ticket to relaxation station. It comes with acne oil, face wash, and deodorant that'll calm their skin, cleanse their pores, and keep them smelling fresh.

    A person holding the three bottles in their hands

    14. A scratch-off movie bucket list that'll turn them into a full-fledged cinema buff upon completion. They've probably already seen a handful, so they can start scratching off titles as soon as they open their gift.

    The movie scratch-off poster with a few titles scratched off

    15. A bottle of handcrafted coconut massage oil that they can use solo or with their partner when things are gettin' steamy. It's infused with rose, bergamot, and lavender, so they'll smell like a gosh darn garden after using it.

    The bottle of massage oil on a tray

    16. A Jason Momoa-themed colouring book, if they're obsessed with Khal Drogo and would probably give away their first-born child to spend a day with Aquaman.

    The cover of the Jason Moma colouring book

    17. A compact Fujifilm photo printer that'll print pictures directly from their phone's camera roll. It uses a free app that allows them to add filters and frames, and will show them exactly how their photos will turn out, so they'll never waste precious film on subpar pics again.

    A person editing a photo on their phone and printing it with the Instax printer

    18. A bamboo bath caddy that'll make kicking back in the tub even more enjoyable. It has a slot for a wine glass, pockets for their phone and bath accessories, and a spot to rest their tablet or book.

    The bath caddy with a book, wine glass, and tablet on it

    19. This stylish phone pouch that has extra pockets for their lip balm and credit cards. The main compartment is clasp free, so they'll be able to get to their phone, without fiddling with zips and buttons.

    20. A breakfast sandwich maker that'll make crafting an epic breakfast sandwich easier and faster than going to a drive-thru. The instructions are simple: pile in the ingredients (there's room for buns, eggs, and toppings of their choosing), let them cook for a few minutes, then slide out the plates to assemble the sammy.

    21. This raw rose quartz ring that'll look great worn stacked or solo. It's the stone of ~luv~ so it might add a dose of positivity to their relationship (or lead them to swipe right on the person of their dreams).

    A person wearing the ring on their index finger

    22. A set of colourful resistance bands that'll help them get the booty of their dreams without buying a gym membership. All they have to do is put on their feel-good playlist, slide one of the bands up their legs, and get to squatting.

    23. This sleek charging cup that'll simultaneously sanitize and power up their phone. It can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria in 20 minutes, so they won't have to stress about germs.

    A phone inside the charging vase

    24. A pair of poutine-themed studs that'll remind them of their favourite snack every time they look in the mirror. They're handcrafted in Quebec, just like the salty snack itself.

    A person holding the poutine studs

    25. This puffy quilted case that'll keep their beauty products or tech accessories from getting bashed around in their bag. It's made from recycled linen scraps, so it's a lot more eco-friendly than plastic alternatives.

    26. These upcycled Obakki crescent moon earrings that'll add a dose of celestial style to any look. They're lightweight, so they won't drag down their lobes or make their ears ache.

    A person wearing the earrings and touching their neck

    27. A faux leather-bound password logbook, if they can never remember their login info for anything. It has spaces for websites, software license numbers, and home network settings (basically, all the important stuff).

    A password logbook open on a computer

    28. A copy of Claire Saffitz's new cookbook, Dessert Person that'll teach them how to make the most delicious (and aesthetically pleasing) cakes, tarts, and pastries in town. If they've been missing Gourmet Makes and want to learn how to work magic in their own test kitchen, this will help guide them.

    29. A small, but mighty Bluetooth speaker that's petite enough to fit in the palm of their hand. It has hands-free calling and a remote selfie trigger features, so they can use it for more than just playing their favourite tunes.

    The tiny speaker on a stack of paper

    30. This set of Milk Makeup essentials that comes with everything they'll need to create a full glam look. They're minis, so they'll be able to squeeze them into their tiniest bag when they're on the go.

    The mini mascara, eyeliner, primer, brow gel, serum, and cream

    31. A pack of tattoo tarot cards that'll help them predict their own future (or choose a design for their next piece of ink). It comes with a guide book, so they won't need to be a pro when it comes to reading their cards to use it.

    32. This heated massage pillow that'll help knead out their knots, leaving them feeling relaxed and refreshed. It has a soft velvet cover, making it comfortable enough to snooze on during their session.

    The massage pillow on a car seat

    33. An acrylic vinyl stand that'll keep their albums organized. The wood has little grooves in it that'll keep their records from sliding into a pile.

    Several records on the vinyl stand

    34. A tub of SKINFOOD black sugar face mask, an exfoliating treatment that will scrub out their pores while restoring nutrients and moisture to their skin. Reviewers love how gentle it is and say it leaves their face feeling softer than a baby's butt.

    The mask tub tipped over

    35. A Pusheen cross stitch kit that every twentysomething grandma would probably appreciate. It comes with everything they'll need to create a mini work of art.

    The kit laid out on a table

    36. A single-cup stovetop espresso maker that'll help them turn out a barista-grade beverage in under five minutes. Now they won't have to spend all their money on mochas and macchiatos — they can just make them at home.

    37. And finally, a wireless charging stand, so they won't have to waste their computer's battery to charge their phone. It has nearly 16,000 positive reviews and reviewers love that they can charge their devices without removing their case.

    A person placing their phone onto the charger

    Them when they open their gift:

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