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    If You Love Organization As Much As Khloe Kardashian, You're Gonna Love These 23 Space-Saving Products

    Kendall may not know how to cut a cucumber, but Khloe can sure organize a house.

    1. A two-tier rack that you can use to keep your toiletries organized and under control. It'll clear up space on your countertop and make all your go-to products easy to track down.

    The rack with a candle, diffuser, and a speaker on it

    2. A pack of acrylic trays that'll help transform that sea of chaos you call your vanity drawer. If you've got extra left over, pop them in your desk to sort your stationery bits and bobs.

    Several trays in a desk drawer with makeup in them

    3. A double-decker shelf that'll make your coffee cart look a bazillion times cuter (and keep your beans 'n' tools tidy). It has a top handle, so you can bring it to your table when you're hosting brunch.

    The tray with coffee supplies on it

    4. And a Nespresso pod organizer that'll keep your ever-growing coffee collection under control. It'll double as a stand for your machine, freeing up counter space and giving your star appliance the podium it deserves.

    The organizer filled with pods with a coffee maker on top of it

    5. A faux marble tray that'll ~zhuzh~ up your bar cart and give you a place to artfully scatter your coasters, swizzle sticks, cocktail picks, and the like.

    The tray with a bottle and two glasses on it

    6. And this round tray for your nightstand that'll make it look more Pinterest-worthy. Because it's made of resin, you won't have to worry about water stains or cracks — it's sturdy as heck.

    The tray with flowers, a picture, and a diffuser on it on a bedside table

    7. A pack of adhesive spice jar labels that'll help you distinguish your thyme from your oregano without doing the sniff test. They're water-resistant, so you won't have to stress about them getting splashed with sauce during the cooking process.

    Several jars with labels on them

    8. A Dyson hairdryer holder with room for all its accoutrements. It's even equipped with a shelf where you can keep all your holy grail hair products (and prop up your phone when you're watching styling tutorials).

    The mounted organizer with a hairdryer and products on it

    9. A tiered organizer that you can use to store and display your most-used sunnies, journals, and gadgets. It's made of soft material, so your specs won't get scuffed when you toss them in.

    Several accessories in the holder

    10. A cutting board rack that'll keep your countertop free of chopping blocks and charcuterie bases. It's made of sturdy, rustproof steel, meaning you won't have to worry about it wearing down or toppling over.

    A person placing a pot lid in the cutting board rack

    11. A geometric jewellery stand and tray that'll keep your accessories untangled and in one place. They also look like works of art, so they'll pretty up your bedroom, too.

    The jewellery tree with necklaces on it beside the matching tray

    12. An end table with a magazine rack underneath where you can tuck your Vogue collection. It'll also give you a place to rest your snacks and coffee, saving you from balancing them on a couch cushion.

    The rack with a coffee and a plant on top of it

    13. A clothing rack that'll display your capsule wardrobe in a way that would make any fashion blogger proud. It'll also keep a floordrobe from accumulating beside your bed, which is always a plus.

    14. A set of airtight food containers that'll make your pantry goods look like a million bucks. They can even be used as drink pitchers when you're throwing a soirée.

    The three filled food containers on a counter next to a plate of pasta

    15. A set of ultra-slim shelves so you can keep your favourite records on display (and off your floor). Reviewers also love using them as storage for their sunglasses.

    Six ultra-slim shelves with records on them

    16. A trio of stackable shoe bins that are totally transparent, so you'll be able to tell your Jordans from your Air Force 1s. You can use them to store backup stationery supplies and beauty products, too.

    17. A set of stackable jewellery trays that'll keep your tiny treasures from getting tangled. You can spread them out in a drawer or stack them together to save space.

    Several pieces of jewellery in the boxes

    18. A transparent universal knife block that'll keep your pointiest cooking tools safe, sharp, and organized. Reviewers love that it doesn't take up a ton of counter space, but can hold over a dozen knives at once.

    The transparent knife block on a counter filled with blades of different shapes and sizes

    19. A toilet paper stand that'll ensure you always have a fresh roll (and backup) next to your porcelain throne. It has a little shelf at the top where you can place your phone or a box of tissues.

    The stand next to a toilet

    20. A rustic-chic ladder shelf with a built-in hamper that you can use for dirty clothes or to store excess throws and pillows. The basket is removable (and has handles!), so you can easily bring it to your laundry room and back.

    The ladder leaning on a wall with a towel hanging out of its basket

    21. A four-tier organizing bin that'll keep your snacks or beauty accessories in one place. Reviewers love how the stepped design makes it easy to see everything, unlike traditional flat bin storage.

    A variety of snacks in the four-tier bin

    22. A makeup carousel with adjustable shelves that you can use to consolidate your collection and keep your stash of blushes and bronzers organized. It even has space at the top to store brushes, eyeliners, and lil' trinkets.

    23. And finally, a pack of fridge organizer bins that'll keep your yogurt containers, cans, and fresh produce in order. They're transparent, so you'll be able to see exactly what's in them (and know when it's time for a restock).

    eggs, products, cans, bottles, and more divided into fridge organizers

    You as soon as you finish organizing your house:

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