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    44 Stocking Stuffers Any Foodie Would Probably Love To Receive

    If they love food, they'll love these.

    1. A ceramic spoon rest that'll save them from creating messes with dirty stirrers and spatulas. It has illustrated cooking conversions painted onto it, so they won't have to do any guesswork.

    A person holding the spoon rest

    2. A shaker of ketchup-flavoured popcorn topper that'll take their favourite movie theatre snack to the next level. Sure, it's designed for popcorn, but they can also shake it on veggies, fries, and pretty much anything else they cook up.

    A shaker of ketchup flavouring surrounded by popped kernels of popcorn

    3. An avocado seed sprouting ring that'll help them turn their pits into trees. Guac costs extra? NBD, they have plenty at home now, thanks to this bad boy.

    Four sprouting rings stacked together

    4. A pair of mini smiley face spatulas that'll help them get every last bit of batter out of their bowl when they're baking. Reviewers love that they're small enough to fit inside jars and cans, so they can scrape out every last dollop of peanut butter or jelly.

    Two smiley face spatulas surrounded by baking supplies

    5. An adjustable measuring cup, so that they can tackle a recipe without using a thousand different tools. The interior canister can be used as a plunger to squeeze out sticky foods, like syrups.

    A person pouring flour out of the measuring cup into a bowl

    6. A set of handy toaster bags, so they can make grilled cheese sandwiches, without dirtying any pans. They can also use them to heat up leftover pizza, chicken nuggets, and pretty much anything else.

    A grilled cheese sandwich in a toaster bag in a toaster

    7. A versatile utensil holder that can be clipped to the side of a barbecue or pot to keep their cooking tools within reach. It has measurements etched onto the inside, so they can also use it to portion out ingredients.

    8. A bottle of Canadian-made habanero hot sauce that's a little bit fancier than Tabasco or Cholula (not knocking those, they're amazing). It's not so spicy that it'll singe their tastebuds, but it packs a serious punch in the flavour department.

    A bottle of hot sauce sitting on a rock

    9. A dessert-decorating gun with five different icing tips that'll take their icing skills to the next level. Reviewers say it's a lot easier to use and less messy than a traditional piping bag.

    10. An egg piercer that'll help them punch tiny holes in their oeufs before they boil them. This'll help prevent breakage during cooking, and make peeling their eggs a heck of a lot easier.

    11. A set of colourful silicone baking ramekins that they can use to craft mini soufflés, muffins, and more. They also make cute vessels for dips, spreads, and snacks.

    Muffins inside the ramekins dusted with icing sugar

    12. An infusing spoon that they can use to pack their soups and sauces with flavour. The opposite end is an herb stripper, so they can use it to prep their rosemary and thyme.

    13. A pack of colour-changing unicorn white hot chocolate that's a magical twist on their signature fall drink. Reviewers say it has a bit of a birthday cake flavour, so it'll make every chilly day feel like a celebration.

    A mug filled with unicorn hot chocolate surrounded by marshmallows

    14. A genius ice cream scoop with a squeeze-release handle that'll leave them with the perfect scoop every time. Reviewers say it's great for people with arthritis and is the perfect size for making cookies, too.

    The ice cream scoop with a perfect scoop of ice cream inside

    15. A jar of Lindt dark chocolate spread that's like Nutella, but even more indulgent. You'll want to put it on everything from toast to ice cream, or, ya know, just eat it with a spoon.

    A piece of toast covered in Lindt chocolate spread next to the jar

    16. A pack of cheese storage bags that'll regulate humidity to keep their favourite fromage from going bad prematurely. Each has space to write what's stored inside and the date they bought it, so they'll never accidentally take a bite of mouldy mystery cheese again.

    An open pack of cheese storage bags next to a wedge of cheese

    17. An adjustable teaspoon and tablespoon, so they can tackle a recipe without using a thousand different tools. They'll also free up space in their drawers, so they can fill them with even more gadgets.

    The teaspoon and tablespoon filled with spices

    18. A genius chopping device that'll cut, scoop, and drain their meat in one fell swoop. It also has a built-in herb stripper, so they can use it to prep ingredients, too.

    19. A set of silicone waffle tongs with a beveled edge that'll help them grab their fluffy breakfast treats without puncturing them. They're awesome for serving and for getting their waffles from a hot iron to their plate.

    A pair of waffle tongs leaning against a carton of berries in front of a stack of waffles

    20. A collapsible meat thermometer that has nearly 3,000 positive reviews and will ensure their dinner is cooked to perfection every time. People love that it can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit and say it's super intuitive to use.

    A person using the thermometer to check the temperature of a turkey

    21. A trio of terry cloth pan sleeves that'll save them from burning their palms on a scalding handle. Reviewers say they're especially great for cast iron pans.

    A person holding a cast iron pan with the handle

    22. A pair of wood-handled ravioli stamps that'll help them create some seriously gourmet noodle pockets in their own kitchen. They can also use them to craft dumplings, if they're more their jam.

    Two ravioli stamps being used to make ravioli

    23. A pair of cupcake spoons that'll help them evenly distribute their batter mix into each pan pocket when they're making cupcakes or muffins. Now they'll never overfill their tins!

    24. A genius 5-in-1 cooking utensil that can act as a slotted spoon, turner, solid spoon, spatula, and cutting tool. This will definitely free up some space in your utensil holder (and leave them with fewer dishes to do, too!).

    25. A pack of reusable Food Huggers that'll wrap around their fruit and veggie halves to seal in freshness. There's even one that's small enough to fit over a banana!

    A jar, an apple, and a pepper covered with food huggers

    26. A citrus reamer that'll catch the seeds for them, so they won't need to worry about getting unwanted crunchy bits in their paella or pasta. Reviewers love how easy it is to use and say it gets every drop of juice out of their limes and lemons.

    A person using the citrus reamer to juice a lemon over a rice dish

    27. Or a stainless steel screw-on lid that'll turn any old Mason jar into a citrus juicer. Once you're through squeezing your citrus, simply unscrew the cap and replace it with its original cap for safekeeping.

    A Mason jar with the juicer cap on it

    28. A microwave egg cooker that can make an omelette, and poach and scramble eggs, too. Reviewers say that it gets the job done in under a minute, so they won't have to wait long for their breakfast.

    29. A pair of ergonomic chopping scissors that'll make throwing together a gourmet-level salad a total breeze. They can cut through fruits and veggies with ease, so they'll be able to craft the perfect healthy meal with minimal effort.

    A person chopping a tomato into a bowl of salad with the scissors

    30. A stainless steel kitchen bar that'll remove smelly cooking odours from their hands. It won't melt down like regular soap, so they can use it over and over again. They won't even need water to make it work!

    A person holding the kitchen bar above their sink

    31. A five-pack of fold-up nylon totes that'll see them through their biggest grocery shops, without needing any plastic bags. Reviewers say they're a cinch to refold and are sturdy enough to hold a ton of groceries (like, two of these bags hold what five regular grocery bags could carry).

    32. A circular silicone spatula with measurement conversions written right on it, so they'll never have to Google with flour-covered hands again. It's sturdy enough to cut dough, but gentle enough to scrape out pots and pans without scratching them.

    A silicone spatula next to star-shaped sugar cookies

    33. A set of six orange peelers that'll make getting to the juicy core of any citrus fruit an actual breeze. They can kiss the days of messing up their manicure just to get some vitamin C, goodbye!

    A peeled orange and an orange wit the peeler dug into it on a cutting board

    34. A pack of mess-free slow cooker liners, so they won't have to clean their entire appliance every time they make soup or stew. They're super durable and won't break, even when they're making a huge batch of something.

    Two slow cooker bags with different dips in them

    35. A set of cupcake liners, so that they can satisfy their sweet tooth without buying any wrappers. They’re also great for whipping up individual omelets and egg bites, if they like prepping their breakfasts in advance.

    Several cupcake liners with muffins inside of them

    36. A set of travel flatware, so they can jump on the low-waste bandwagon and finally stop asking for single-use versions when they order takeout. It comes with a handy lil' case, so they won't get stray bits of food all over the bottom of their bag.

    The cutlery inside the travel case

    37. A 52-week meal planner that they can use to plot out what they'll be eating days or weeks in advance. It has space to record their menus, their ideas for future meals, and their weekly grocery shopping list.

    The open planner surrounded by produce

    38. A plastic knife that can be used on nonstick material, so they won't mess up their bakeware when cutting that perfect slice of cake. One reviewer says it's strong enough to cut through apples, so it'll work with even their densest desserts.

    A person holding the baking knife over a sheet cake

    39. An egg timer that'll ensure their breakfast is cooked to perfection every time. It has a marker that'll change colour as their eggs cook, so they'll never be surprised by the state of their yolk.

    An egg timer in a pot with four eggs.

    40. A cute lil' pizza cutter with a protective grip that'll help them perfectly slice their pie. Now they won't have to mess around with a knife or kitchen shears to dig into their 'za.

    The pizza slicer leaning on its box

    41. A handy portioning tool that'll save them from overshooting and cooking enough noodles to feed a small nation. They can finally kiss the days of having mountains upon mountains of leftover noods goodbye!

    A pasta portioner with spaghetti inside of it

    42. An ergonomic cauliflower tool that they can use to core and chop their cruciferous veggies. Reviewers say that it's much easier to maneuver than a knife and that it's a great tool for people who suffer from arthritis.

    The cauliflower tool next to chopped up florets of cauliflower and a head of cauliflower

    43. A durable cut-resistant glove that'll keep their digits intact while they slice and dice ingredients. They have nitrile fingertips and a textured silicone design that'll help them keep a firm grip on their fruits and veggies.

    44. And finally, a trio of condiment cups, so they can take sauces and salad dressings with them on the go. They're leakproof, so they won't have to worry about the bottom of their bag turning into a swamp.

    Several condiment cups filled with various dips and sauces

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