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    22 Eco-Friendly Travel Products You Need To Buy Before Your Next Trip

    Make your next vacation a little greener.

    1. A silicone sandwich bag that you can use to protect your precious toiletries, devices, or snacks. These ones aren't made with petroleum, PVC or latex, making them more eco-friendly than traditional resealable bags.

    2. A set of patterned packing cubes made from recycled materials.

    3. These bars of solid shampoo and conditioner that are cruelty-free, TSA-friendly, and compostable.

    4. A foldable, reusable bottle that'll save you from buying countless plastic water bottles on your journey.

    5. A foldable travel yoga mat made from natural tree rubber and recycled bottles.

    6. A set of BPA-free travel tubes for all your lotions and potions.

    7. An expandable and lightweight suitcase that is made from recycled plastic bottles.

    8. A set of bamboo makeup-removing pads that you can use over and over again.

    9. A collapsible, leakproof mug that will fit in any bag, no matter how big or small.

    10. A pack of four biodegradable toothbrushes that come with charcoal dental floss.

    11. An energy-efficient, portable solar power bank so you can charge all of your devices wherever you go.

    12. A pack of biodegradable toilet seat covers to make pit stops at gross bathrooms a little more bearable.

    13. A Kindle so that you don't waste paper by purchasing a ton of magazines and books to entertain you on your trip.

    14. A bamboo cutlery set so that you don't have to grab single-use plastic forks and knives on-the-go.

    15. A portable wash bag that uses much less water than a conventional washing machine and is a must if you're going backpacking or staying at an Airbnb without a laundry room.

    16. A pair of stylish earbuds made of wood and recyclable aluminum.

    17. A pack of charcoal deodorizers to keep your bag smelling fresh, even when you're toting around dirty laundry.

    18. A pack of all-natural, cruelty-free eye masks to keep your under-eyes hydrated during a long flight.

    19. A super-compact tote bag that you can use to carry groceries, books, and souvenirs while you're away.

    20. A bamboo sleep mask so you can get some shut-eye on a long flight.

    21. A menstrual cup that'll save you from having to purchase (or risk running out of) tampons or pads while you travel.

    22. And finally, a cozy and compact neck pillow that'll make long flights or car rides more bearable.

    Now all you've got to do is plan a trip.