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    29 Of The Best Hostess Gifts You Can Get On Amazon Canada

    All the little extras they'll want when party time rolls around.

    1. A marble pastry board that can be used to prep heavenly, carb-filled wonders that Anna Olson would be proud of. Plus, it can totally double as a cheese board for their dinner parties.

    2. A wine aerating pouring spout that can make your $10 bottle of wine taste like a $50 dollar bottle of wine. Naturally, you should be giving this gift with a bottle of pinot noir or chardonnay, but that goes without saying.

    3. A set of gold-plated cheese knives that'll make even the cheapest cheeses feel like little luxuries.

    4. A set of retro terrarium vases that can be filled with mini floral arrangements or used to propagate new plants.

    5. A set of stainless steel whiskey stones that will keep their drinks icy cold, but won't water them down. We're not saying you should pair it with a bottle of whiskey (but you should probably pair it with a bottle of whiskey).

    6. A set of terracotta pinch bowls so that they can serve up dips and condiments in style. If you want the host to think of you as a true artiste, you can totally lie and tell them that you crafted them yourself in pottery class.

    7. A pack of Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel Seasoning so that they can create some killer dishes for their next brunch extravaganza. This pack comes with two, so I recommend taking one for yourself (trust me, you want it).

    8. A bamboo pizza peel that can also be used as a charcuterie board. Honestly, if anyone hosting me actually owns one of these, I automatically assume their family has a charming little pizzeria in Naples.

    9. A gold corkscrew, because you won't be bringing your hostess anything with a twist off cap and a regular, old corkscrew just won't do.

    10. A set of metallic placemats that look a lot more expensive than they actually are.

    11. A bottle of hot honey so that they can wow their future guests with their condiment selection (this will be the fan favourite, I'm calling it now).

    12. A porcelain sake set, because what kind of hostess doesn't dedicate a portion of the evening to drinking Japanese rice wine? Not yours (at least not anymore).

    13. A mini fondue pot because if the thought of bubbling cheese and chocolate doesn't woo your hostess, I seriously don't know what will.

    14. A set of patterned ceramic coasters so that none of their future guests get chastised for leaving rings on their West Elm coffee table, or whatever. It's never happened to me before, I swear.

    15. A set of olive oil and vinegar dispensers that look much fancier than the bottles they usually come in (especially if you just get 'em at the grocery store). If you really want to impress your hostess, christen them with some home-infused oils for their maiden voyage.

    16. A knitted throw blanket that's just as stylish as it is cozy. Remember, anyone who says they don't need more throw blankets is lying. C'mon, we live in Canada. It gets cold.

    17. A set of soy scented candles that will full their new home with calming, welcoming smells.

    18. A box of conversation starters that'll get you through any awkward silence. Definitely a good distraction for when people start discussing politics. You know, so you don't have to remove all sharp objects from the vicinity.

    19. An adjustable chef apron so your host can cook and eat in the same outfit without fear of covering it in marinara sauce (or ranch, I'm not here to judge).

    20. A honey pot with a wooden dipper because what says you have your life together more than transferring your bottled products into another vessel.

    21. A sampler set of gourmet teas that comes pre-wrapped so you don't have to mess around with ribbons and bows.

    22. A wine decanter that will make them feel like a seasoned sommelier (even if they still buy their sauvignon blanc in a box).

    23. A baguette miter so they can create uniform canapés. It may seem a little extra, but you don't know joy until you've perfectly sliced a baguette.

    24. An herb growing kit so they can use garden fresh herbs in their next recipe. Move along, Ina Garten.

    25. An elegant pour over coffee maker because who wants to add a regular coffee pot to their brunch spread? Probably not them.

    26. A bamboo salt cellar that'll make them feel like a professional chef when they're seasoning their dishes. Byeeee, basic salt shakers.

    27. A felt letter board so they can send messages to their guests or write themselves a motivational quote to get them through hostessing.

    28. A glass teapot with a mesh infuser filter to make every tea drinking experience a little more luxurious.

    29. And finally, a bottle of Poo-Pourri toilet spray to keep everything smelling fresh.

    And, while you're at it why not get some gifts for yourself, too.