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    It's *Finally* Time To Ditch Your Summer Clothes For A Few Of These 27 Fall Pieces Instead

    Everything is in my cart.

    1. A plaid shacket because this trend is still going strong and you're probably as obsessed as I am. It's oversized (as all good jackets are) so you can layer a sweater underneath when the temperature drops.

    2. A quarter-zip sweater if you need a break from crewnecks and hoodies. Reviewers say it's cozy enough to sleep in and love that it's long enough to tuck into pants.

    A person wearing the quarter-zip with jeans

    3. A long-sleeve velvet dress with side ruching that'll come in handy if you've got a fall wedding on your calendar. Reviewers love that it has plenty of stretch and say that it feels more expensive than it actually is.

    4. A pair of faux leather pants if you're looking to finish off your 🔥 going out 'fit with something other than jeans. Reviewers say they're super soft and love that they actually look and feel like real leather.

    A person wearing the pants with boots and a sweater

    5. An iconic Everywhere belt bag for the days when you don't wanna lug around a giant tote (me, every day). It has an easy access exterior pocket, plus one inside to keep your essentials organized.

    6. A pair of Converse high tops with chunky soles that'll give you a bit of extra ~oomph~ in the height department. You'll be thankful for their thick-as-heck treads when your sauntering down slippery sidewalks or navigating tougher terrain.

    The shoes on a blank background

    7. A pair of barrel jeans that won't suffocate your legs. They're high-waisted so they won't dig into your stomach when you sit down, either (the worst thing about hip huggers).

    8. A fleece vest if you're not *quite* ready to rock to a jacket, but need a bit of extra warmth for your core. Throw it over a long-sleeve shirt and you'll be G2G.

    A person wearing the vest over a long-sleeve shirt

    9. A pair of chunky arm warmers because mittens are a commitment you won't be ready to make until, like, December.

    A person wearing the arm warmers

    10. A faux leather blazer if you want to look like a saucy businessperson for every occasion. Reviewers love the oversized fit and say that it isn't too heavy (essential if you plan on wearing it for more than a five second photo op).

    11. And a faux leather bustier top if you really wanna up the 🌶 factor of your ensemble. The fabric has a bit of stretch, meaning you won't have to struggle your way in and out of it.

    A person wearing the bustier with matching pants

    12. An oversized corduroy button-down that'll take the place of those gauzy linen shirts you've been sporting over tanks all summer long.

    13. A classic Carhartt beanie that'll keep your noggin warm (and hide your unwashed hair). You can adjust the fold to get even more coverage on your ears when it gets super frosty out.

    Five beanies on a wooden bench

    14. A polo sweatshirt if you wanna keep your preppy aesthetic going strong this fall. Thanks to the V-neck, you'll be able to show off your stack of layered necklaces.

    15. A bodycon dress that you can wear long or hike up the sides if you prefer a shorter frock. Reviewers say the material is soft and stretchy, so you'll be both comfortable and stylish when you wear it.

    16. A crewneck crop with extra-large sleeves that you'll wanna pair with all your high-waisted skirts and jeans. It's made of discarded fabrics that would have otherwise gone unused, so you can feel good about recycling, too.

    17. A pair of cargo pants that have pockets on pockets on pockets. Since they have an adjustable waist, you can choose whether you want to rock 'em high or low on your hips.

    18. A mock neck sweater that'll have you looking like a more stylish Steve Jobs. The ribbed texture makes it a lil' more interesting than a basic, boring top (plus it's bright pink, so you'll stand out in a crowd of fall hues).

    A person wearing the top with jeans

    19. A faux suede jacket that gives off big Almost Famous energy. Reviewers say the sherpa lining makes it extra cozy, but that it isn't bulky at all (a blessing if you plan on doing any layering).

    20. A gigantic scarf that'll keep you nice 'n' toasty on cooler days. It'll also come in handy on flights because you really can use it as a blanket.

    21. A felt beret if you take all your fashion cues from Emily in Paris (hey, I'm not judging, I'm applauding). Now stock up on baguettes and Chablis and have yourself a dang good day.

    A person wearing the beret with a sweater

    22. A cable knit cardigan you'll be happy you ordered when T-shirt weather starts to fade into fall. It isn't cropped, but it's far from being a duster — we'll call it the Goldilocks of fall sweaters.

    A person wearing the cardigan with jeans and a tee

    23. A pair of Air Force 1s because they're a classic that never goes out of style. They have padded soles that'll make them comfy enough to wear on longer outdoor adventures, too.

    24. A simple sweatshirt dress if you hate wearing pants, but love being cozy. For the ultimate loungewear look, pop some leggings on underneath.

    25. An Oxford shirt that you can wear solo dolo or toss over your fave tee for a layered ~lewk~. It'll also come in handy as a beach coverup if you've got a fall/winter vacay planned.

    26. An oversized full-zip sweater from lululemon that's the perfect grab-and-run-out-the-door piece. It has thumbholes on the cuffs that'll save the arms from bunching up when you throw a jacket over it.

    Melina wearing the sweater and showing off the thumbholes

    27. And finally, a turtleneck that'll see you through the chilliest days of fall. It has a thick collar, button detailing on the sides, and cuff holes (aka all the bells and whistles you could want in a sweater).

    Me @ everything on this list:

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