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    25 Things I Don’t Know How You’ve Lived Your Whole Life Without

    Your credit card deserves a workout.

    1. A mini peel-and-stick drawer that will give you more storage space in your desk and keep all your small items organized. It's large enough to fit a few pens and pencils, your phone, and glasses.

    2. A pack of nutrient-dense fertilizer spikes to keep all your greenery happy and healthy (even throughout the winter). They can even help revive those on the verge of death, and save you from unnecessary plant funerals.

    3. A stackable weekly pill organizer that’ll keep all your tablets and capsules in order. Now you might actually remember to take your vitamins.

    4. A nonstick lasagne trio pan so that you can make three different pasta recipes and only end up with one dirty pan. If you love cooking but hate washing dishes, you need this in your life.

    5. A set of stackable geometric trays that look cute in your kitchen or on your vanity. You can nest them inside one another when they're not in use to save space.

    6. An exfoliating natural lip scrub with honey crystals that'll transform your lips from flaky to smooth in mere seconds.

    7. A set of extra-long wooden chopsticks that'll keep your fingers out of the splash zone when you're cooking with hot oil. Great for flipping, stirring, and everything in between.

    8. A stainless steel kitchen bar that'll remove smelly cooking odours from your hands and won't melt down like regular soap, so you can use it over and over again. You don't even need water to make it work!

    9. A glow-in-the-dark remote case that'll make it easy to find your clicker. Simply turn out the lights and follow its glow.

    10. A tube of benzoyl peroxide acne gel, in case your skin starts breaking out. If you're having a super-strong flare-up, you may need to apply it more than once a day for its magic to work.

    11. A petite styling center that hooks right onto your cupboard door and has spaces for your hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron, hair brush, and accessories. If you're working with minimal counter and cabinet space, this caddy will be your BFF.

    12. A pack of mess-free slow cooker liners so that you don't have to clean the entire appliance every time you make a soup or stew. They're super durable and won't break even if you're making a huge batch of something.

    13. A lightweight microfibre dish mat that folds up for easy storage. It has its own mini plastic dish rack, so it can hold plates and bowls in their upright positions, too.

    14. A durable hanger holder to help you maximize your storage space. You can put multiple hangers on each loop if you're working with a larger wardrobe, to really make the most of it. It's also awesome for hang-drying clothes in your laundry room.

    15. A dreamy mushroom night light that'll keep your room or hallway aglow without messing with your aesthetic. It adjusts automatically as a room dims or brightens, so you don't have to do any work.

    16. A set of backup microfibre clothes, because these go MIA all the time and you could always use more. Of course you can use them on your glasses, but they're also great for lenses and screens.

    17. A milk frother to make all your espresso-based beverages taste like they've been crafted by a seasoned barista. Flat milk? Not in your coffee.

    18. A tattoo care kit to ensure a speedy and safe recovery after getting inked. It comes with salve, lotion, soap, and sunscreen — everything you need to see you through the healing process.

    19. A set of reusable sandwich bags that are almost as cheap as the single-use option. Eco-friendly and affordable? Sign me the heck up.

    20. A compact hand warmer that'll keep your digits warm all winter long. It runs on lighter fluid, so you don't have to worry about finding somewhere to charge it if you're out in the wild.

    21. A pack of dental flossers that are a lot easier to maneuver than traditional strands of floss. They're infused with vitamin E and fluoride for a thorough, gentle cleaning.

    22. A spice drawer organizer that'll keep all your bottles, shakers, and jars from rolling around. It comes with six foam rows, which can be cut to fit your drawers perfectly.

    23. A flexible drain cover that suctions right to the side of your tub so that you can fill it to its rightful water level. Kiss the days of bathing in a shallow pool goodbye.

    24. A pack of stick-on makeup shields to save you from getting fallout all over your face while trying to follow along with a complicated YouTube tutorial.

    25. And finally, a bacon-scented ball to bring a little joy into your four-legged friends' life. It has plenty of bounce and even floats, so it'll survive being chucked in the water.

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