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    19 Products That Will Help You Survive Even Your Worst Hangover

    Because not every Sunday is a fun day.

    1. A light-blocking sleep mask, because let's face it, you're not getting up today.

    2. A jade roller and massaging tool to cool and de-puff your face post-drinking.

    3. Some de-puffing under-eye patches to help banish dark circles and soothe your skin.

    4. A pair of noise-cancelling ear plugs to help you block out literally everything.

    5. These mini ice packs to help aid any injuries you may have sustained on your night out.

    6. A extra-thick yoga mat, because allegedly working out is actually good for a hangover and it's probably worth a shot.

    7. A bottle of dry shampoo, because you probably won't be making it into your shower.

    8. A cure-to-go in the form of dissolvable electrolyte tablets.

    9. Or just go ahead and stockpile enough Gatorade for a small nation.

    10. A hot and cold therapy eye mask that you can wear while binge-watching your favourite shows.

    11. A handy cookbook that focuses on hangover-friendly cooking.

    12. Or just get this breakfast sandwich maker for when you're too dead to tackle an actual recipe.

    13. An insulated bottle so that you can grab a swig of chilled water every time you wake up from your nap.

    14. A heated neck and shoulder massager to ease any aches and pains.

    15. A portable laptop/breakfast tray so you don't have to leave the comfort of your bed or couch for anything.

    16. A box of Pedialyte electrolyte freezies, to help you battle dehydration.

    17. A moisture-boosting face cream to help rehydrate your poor, parched skin.

    18. A pack of chewable Listerine tablets, incase your nausea gets the best of you.

    19. And finally, when all else fails, Advil.

    You talking to all your friends who are severely unprepared for Sunday morning: