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    23 Summer Clothing Pieces And Accessories That Are Just *Chef's Kiss*

    Filling my cart as we speak.

    1. A slinky one-piece situation because they are so ~in~ right now. It's super affordable (thanks, Amazon), so if you want to try the trend, but don't want to commit to spending an entire paycheque, this is calling your name.

    2. An Align tee from lululemon that you'll want to wear to every outdoor yoga class (and on your days off). It's *slightly* cropped, so it'll pair perfectly with your high-rise leggings and mom jeans.

    A person doing a yoga pose while wearing the shirt and leggings

    3. A messenger bag from Michael Kors that'll add some retro flavour to your look. Thanks to the two interchangeable straps, you can shake up your look whenever you want.

    A person wearing the bag with joggers, a crop top, and a watch

    4. A wrap dress that you'll be thankful for when wedding season rolls around. Reviewers love how light and airy the material is and say that it's comfortable enough to wear all day long (unlike several cocktail dresses in my personal collection).

    5. A pair of leather mules from Roots if you're not quite ready to commit to sandals. The open weave design will give you a bit of airflow, saving your tootsies from getting all sweaty and stinky.

    A person wearing the mules with jeans

    6. A peplum cami that'll be a staple in your summer wardrobe. Thanks to the flowy silhouette, it won't cling to your skin when it's a bazillion degrees out.

    7. A bestselling sarong that'll give you a bit of extra coverage on the beach and take your look to the next level. Reviewers love how versatile it is and that the material has a bit of stretch.

    8. A gingham dress with an elasticized top that won't uncomfortably pinch or squeeze you in the wrong places. It also has pockets, and who doesn't want that?

    9. A lululemon skirt that'll keep you looking 💯 on and off the court. The built-in shorts feature side pockets, meaning you can stash your phone, keys, and other small essentials on you (instead of bringing a bulky bag to your training sesh).

    10. A linen boyfriend shirt that'll take you from the office to the beach (and beyond). Because the fit is loosey-goosey, you can easily tie it at the front when you want to try out another style.

    11. A Knix swimsuit that'll keep you feelin' (and lookin') 🔥 at the beach. It has medium coverage on the booty, so if you don't like showing your entire butt to the world, this will probably be your jam.

    A person wearing the swimsuit and posing with their arm above their head

    12. An adorbs jumpsuit for the days when you're too lazy to put together an outfit, but you still wanna look stylish. It has adjustable straps, a smocked back, and even pockets (aka all the bells 'n' whistles you could ever want).

    13. A bucket hat with a tiny pouch that'll save you from carrying around a bag. It's water-repellent and windproof, so it'll protect you from the elements, too.

    A person wearing the bucket hat with a sweater

    14. A pair of bike shorts with pockets that'll have you cycling in style. You could also pop 'em on under a dress or skirt to give yourself some extra coverage.

    15. A wrap dress that'll become your go-to frock for ~casj~ events. Reviewers love that it has a liner (so it isn't see-through) and that they can customize the fit of the wrap and the tie style.

    16. A pair of embellished cowboy boots that'll make you wanna throw on Tim McGraw and crack a cold one. If you're going to any music festivals this summer, you probably need these in your life.

    A person yanking on a boot

    17. A micro backpack that'll be your fave bag for festival season. It has plenty of pockets and is made of water-repellent fabric, so you won't have to stress if you get caught in a storm.

    18. A pair of drawstring shorts that look like they're made of structured denim, but are actually super flowy and breathable (not unlike your terrycloth faves). They have frayed hems that give them a bit of an ~edge~, too.

    19. A highly-rated corset-style top that gives off saucy Bridgerton energy. Reviewers say it's super comfy (unlike a lot of corset tops) and that it actually gives their tatas a decent amount of support.

    20. A buttery-soft midi dress from lululemon that'll feel like your favourite workout gear, but looks a lil' fancier. It has a slit up the back, giving you extra room to move, so you won't have to do a penguin waddle.

    21. A pair of Roots towel shorts that'll be your go-to beach attire. They have a *slightly* loose fit, so they'll feel like your fave sweats.

    22. A glitzy Michael Kors watch that'll save you from having to bust out your phone when you want to check the time. It has a pavé-encrusted topring that makes it look luxe as heck.

    A person wearing the watch with two other bracelets and a ribbed one-shoulder top

    23. And finally, an adorbs tank dress that'll have your friends saying, "I can't believe you found that on Amazon." The top is smocked at the back and offers some stretch, so your tatas won't feel suffocated.

    Kaysey wearing a striped midi dress with a denim jacket

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