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    Here's 13 Times Ross Geller Was Toxic Because I Can't Be The Only One Who Feels This Way


    1. "The break."

    2. When Rachel said, "it was just hungry animal sex," Ross got all jealous and was flicking the lights. When at the same time, Rachel was telling him how much she loved him.

    3. Ross made out with Chandler's mom when he knew that Chandler had family issues.

    Ross is next to a female companion, looking shameful

    4. Ross said, "I think you reach a certain age, having a roommate is kinda pathe-" when all his closest friends have roommates...

    5. And he also got with Joey's ex-girlfriend, not even asking him or waiting a significant period of time.

    Ross is next to Charlie while on the edge of a bed

    6. He was SUPER jealous and clingy about and around Mark, and made Rachel feel uncomfortable.

    Rachel is holding flowers, cards, and gifts while at work

    7. Now, I don't like Emily, but imagine if you were marrying someone and they said the wrong name at the altar...

    8. Ross also dated HIS STUDENT, who was soooo much younger than he was, but wasn't 100% supportive when Monica was with Richard.

    9. Ross always got in the way and messed Rachel's career up.

    10. And let's not forget how he made Rachel feel suffocated.

    11. Ross was always the Geller's favorite child, and never stood up for Monica even when he knew what was going on.

    Monica and Ross are dancing on the dance floor

    12. Yet he always shadowed Monica like a parent, and he suffocated her as well.

    13. Straight out pick me, Ross was always clingy and somehow made things about himself.