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    Why Derek Shepherd Was Truly TOXIC!! #lovehaterealationship

    'while rewatching i realised how bad he actually is'

    this is in no specific order

    1. FIRST OFF he lied to Meredith about being married / on that note he just left his wife in NYC , until addison had to come all the way , just to find out Derek was seeing someone else - while married

    2. the clinical trial - Merediths idea it was all Merediths idea and Derek took all the credit for it , he became even more sucsessful from merediths idea

    3. he constantly made meredith feel less important than him , including when he didnt take the job with the president and stated that , that was more important than his family.

    4. he cheated on mer with his assistant in DC even though yet again he is married and then continues to lie about it.

    5. Merediths drowning , everything that happened to meredith and all her trauma, Derek never failed to make it all about him, when mer drowned it was "her fault" so he broke up with her when she always tried to explain the situation to him.

    6. rose - he used rose as revenge on mer even though he broke up with her, for not being ready which she again constantly stated that she just wanted him to wait until she was ready but he couldn't do that.

    7. THE DAY after they get back together he springs house plans on mer after kissing somebody else he tells her ' your the only one i want'

    8.he called her a whore , for dating her vet which she hadnt even slept with yet , and he basically stared her down and flirted with her while 'trying' to work it out with addison. And still he had the audacity to give her a whole ass speech about how she is a whore and she sleeps around.

    9. He always made mer feel guilty about not being with him EVEN when he was with other people.

    10. Dereks alzhimers clinical trial, which meredith messed with to save adele ( the chiefs wife ) life. He flipped out and wouldnt even try to understand where mer was coming from. And its not like he needed to be any more famous.

    11. Derek NEVER failed to make mer feel like she was less talented and less skilled than he was ,like he was so much better than her, even though she ends up winning a harper avery and i can guess that if he was alive then he would be raging that he didnt get it.

    12. Dereks jealousy , when meredith was rewarded for ANYTHING he got jealous and even though he sometimes supported her , he was always jealous

    13. He stole richards job pretty much , and its not like Derek never messed up.

    14. His drunken era , When he found out his mortality rate he didnt deal with it and he didnt try harder , he ran off and became mean dickhead drunk.

    15. He made losing temporary custody of zola , all merediths fault and made her feel horrible and guilty yet again.

    There is more i could write but im getting kinda pissed so i wont but overall kinda glad he died lmfao

    i do have a love / hate realationship with him but heres a fact you probably didnt know - 1 When patrick dempsey left greys ellen came out and admitted that quality of greys bhs was better and it was a much better work enviroment.- 2 Patrick and ellen didnt get along very well but they continued to work together - 3 Patrick in first few seasons was being paid nearly DOUBLE what ellen was getting , per episode.

    thanks for reading :p