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Introduction Consider a situation where you want to urgently take a print out of an important document and your PDF shows the following message "There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired."

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PDF Corruption could turn out to be a nightmare for both tech and non-tech savvy persons and hence the PDF Recovery options are being looked upon. Before learning in detail about PDF corruption and Recovery options a brief introduction of PDF is necessary for novice person reading this article.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is the most popular document format supported by Windows, MAC and Linux based systems. The most important feature which differentiates PDF from other file formats and makes it the ultimate king is the fact that once your PDF file is created and saved its visual appearance will not change. For Example you created a particular PDF document on Windows 10 platform and open it in Linux based operating system the look will be preserved and remain exactly as it was intended.

PDF Corruption: Causes of PDF Corruption

PDF Corruption could lead to widespread losses since almost all the exchange of files take place in the PDF format. From the numerous reasons of PDF Corruption few are listed as follows-:

1.PDF Corruption while downloading - A half downloaded file could turn out to be a major source of PDF Corruption. This could be due to loss of internet connectivity, power loss or other such issues.

2.PDF Corruption while sharing and transferring - While transfer of PDF files intervention of virus, Trojans and other such malware could lead to PDF Corruption. Loss of Internet connection could also turn out to be a major cause of Corrupt PDF files.

3.PDF Corruption due to defected hard drive - The defect in hard disk could turn out to be fatal and cause PDF corruption and loss of invaluable data.

4.PDF Corruption due to incompatibility issues- If you try to run a PDF file with incompatible software it may ruin the content of the PDF file leading to PDF Corruption

5.PDF Corruption by improper System Shutdown - Shutting down the computer system without closing all the opened files may lead to severe damage to the content of the PDF file.

These are few of the many reasons causing the fatal error " There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired."

PDF Recovery: An Insight into PDF Recovery Options

The Adobe PDF built in Repair tool could turn out to be a good PDF Recovery Option for minor damages. If the corruption is severe then one should go for PDF Recovery Tool, their inbuilt advanced algorithms turn out to be Perfect PDF Recovery Option for removal of PDF Corruption.

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