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Top Five Reasons For Roof Replacement

There are many reason to replace a roof, and some of the reasons are due to the inevitable wear and damage that a roof can generate through the years. Even though some issues with roofing is visible many others aren’t, unless you have knowledge about roofs and go up on your roof to inspect it. The damage and/ or wear a roof can have can sometime be substantial to a point where it can start damaging the inside of a home or building. Due to various occuring issues with roofs, new roof installation Ann Arbor Michigan contractors are highly skilled and professional, when it comes to roof replacement in Michigan. Below are the listed top five roofing issues found in the state of Michigan.

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Ponding water

Incidental ponding water is a highly common problem for roofs, despite the type of roof. If ponding water occurs on a roof it can have many serious consequences. The following measures that a person can take to prevent incidental ponding water is to make sure the roofing is properly designed, installed and maintenanced, as it will prevent many issues and any other associated problems that may occur. Some of the unfortunate effects of ponding water are deformation of the deck structure, damage to the roof surface, the growth of algae and vegetation and definitely, the buildup of dirt, debris and other impurities in the ponding area on the roof. Ponding water will eventually speed up the erosion and deterioration of the roof’s surface and ultimately result in a failed roofing system.


Since roofs are made fundamentally with lumber and coated with a roof membrane before other components are installed, like the tiles and shingles. Known as ethylene propylene diene monomer(EPDM), resistant to puncture and penetration, the membrane is also, highly effective obstruction in UV rays and extreme temperatures. Many issues that may occur due to the shrinking of the membrane such as, ridges, blisters cracks and even splits or tearing of the roofs shingles.


The main reasons for blistering are trapped moisture in the shingles and deficiently ventilated roofs. Often, during the process of manufacturing a roof moisture can get trapped in the shingles. This generally happens because the sun heats up the shingles and the moisture that is trapped will also heat up and cause blistering. Roofs that have inadequate ventilation systems will certainly get too hot for the shingles and eventually cause blistering, because of the extreme amount of heat produced. Due to age and natural weathering, when these blisters pop the can cause significant leaking and other roof damage.

Blow-offs, swelling and tenting

Hot bituminous roofs, that are not properly attached where roof flashing is, this may cause laps and open seams, which will can cause the roof to blow offs and low puncture resistance and various code issues. If the roofing does not adhere to the substrate single-ply roofs are at high risk for blowing off or tenting.

Roof leaks and moisture

Roof leaks and moisture are a common issue with roofs and roof leaks occur due to various reasons. Majority of the time roof leaking occurs at the flashing details of the roof and anywhere that the membrane is ended and blocked. When roof leaking and moisture occurs this means that the water has been able to get under the membrane so the water can flow against the lap. The effects that can happen from from water flowing against the lap, will result in backwater laps which are leaks and blisters. Leaks and blisters can in time cause roof failure.

If you’re experiencing any of the issues above, it is quite certain as the years progress you will have to get your roof replaced. Letting issue go unresolved with roofing can cause insurmountable damage in which it will be beyond repair and you will need a roof replacement. New roof installation Ann Arbor will offer you many services to replace your roof, in the event you need it replaced.

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