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    The Greatest Dragon Ball Fan In The World

    Dragon Ball Z Figures

    1. Dragon Ball Z Action Figures

    This Japanese holds the world record for the largest DBZ figures collection in history.

    You've probably heard someone say that he is the biggest Dragon Ball fan in the world. This phrase may even have come from your own lips. Well, I'm sorry, but you'll have to reconsider your comments because Hitoshi Uchida has just officially obtained this title with his HALLUCINANTE collection!

    2. The Dragon Ball Z Statue owner

    His collection includes more than 10,000 items inspired by Dragon Ball. At home, an entire piece is dedicated to his figurines of Goku, the hero of the saga, of which he has more than 4000 copies.

    Miniature toys, figures, autographed posters, jackets: in total, this "madman of the manga" collected exactly 10,098 pieces from the DBZ universe. This is almost double the 5,065 items collected in 2007 by former world record holder Michael Nilsen.

    DBZ Collection

    Terrified of ghosts as a child,

    Uchida decided to fight his fears by becoming passionate about the fearless warrior, Goku. Hitoshi Uchida explains that he started his incredible collection with the idea of meeting Masako Nozawa, the original Goku voice over artist in Japanese anime. If his dream has not come true, he has already been invited to the Kameha Con in Texas and we hope that his wish will come true one day.

    3. What's Dragon Ball Z?

    What is Dragon Ball?

    In its original form, Dragon Ball is a manga (Japanese comic) written and drawn by Akira Toriyama from 1984 to 1995. Published by Shueisha, one of the three major Japanese publishers, it was the most popular series of Weekly Shônen Jump, a comic anthology of more than 400 pages that includes about 20 continuous series by different artists.

    Dragon Ball is basically a martial arts story with elements of fantasy, science fiction and comedy. The hero, Goku, is a child with a monkey's tail (or not, in the real action version) who is raised in the forest by a martial artist. Bulma, a girl in search of the seven magic Dragon Balls (a treasure that can grant any wish), accidentally discovers the innocent Goku and introduces him to civilization. Through many adventures, Goku travels around the world, develops his already prodigious fighting skills and often saves the world from the wicked.

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