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    16 Reasons Why Buc-ee’s Puts Every Other Gas Station To Shame

    Buc-ee's is amazing and all other gas stations are inferior.

    1. Buc-ee’s is a massive, shining beacon of hope. / Via

    Just seeing a Bucc-ee's on a long road trip is enough to fill you with hope and energy.

    2. It has the CLEANEST bathrooms you will ever encounter.

    Bucc-ee's / Via, Via

    Buc-ee's has literally won awards for having the cleanest bathrooms.

    3. And an unbeatable candy selection. / Via

    This isn't even the whole wall...

    4. Beaver Nuggets. / Via

    Beaver Nuggets are basically caramel covered corn pops and they are absolutely addicting.

    5. There’s a freakin BBQ station in the middle of the store! / Via

    Doesn't get much more Texas than this.

    6. There's also fresh, warm pastries perfect for a road trip snack. / Via

    The Pecan Pie Kolache is a legitimate Texas delicacy.

    7. You can get all the ridiculous Texas merch you could possibly want. / Via

    The Bucc-ee's guarantee: If it exists, there's a Texas shaped version of it.

    8. There are SO MANY gas pumps, which means no waiting! / Via

    The New Braunfels Bucc-ee's has over 100 gas pumps. 100!

    9. The iconic Beaver mascot always puts a smile on your face., Via

    How many gas stations do you know have an actual mascot?!

    10. They have jars filled with EVERYTHING.

    Yup, even pickled quail egg.

    11. Including the amazing Loco Cheese Dip. / Via

    Spicy, cheesy, and delicious.

    12. They have the best billboards.

    Bucc-ee's / Via, Buc-ee's, Buc-ee's / Via

    13. There’s even an extensive fudge section! / Via

    And of course you can get Jalapeño fudge, because Texas.

    14. The Buc-ee’s swag is top-tier.

    Via, Via

    You're not a true Texan until you own at least one item with the Bucc-ee's logo on it.

    15. They have every type of jerky in existence. / Via

    Spicy, Peppered, Teriyaki, Chile.... the list goes on and on.

    16. And a GIGANTIC fountain drink section.

    Twitter: @cstorenews_ / Via Twitter: @cstorenews_

    They have sodas you've never even heard of.

    So do yourself a favor and stop by Buc-ee's if you ever get the chance, and get ready for the best gas station experience of your life.

    Fredrik Sørlie/ Alex Zakon / Via

    Sometimes I go on road trips just to visit Buc-ee's.

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