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Best European Cities To Visit This Thanksgiving For Your Romantic Getaway!

It's just before winter, and you may want to enjoy your last remaining months of warm weather. Although you only have one weekend of Thanksgiving, why not take a week or two to visit some of Europe's most romantic getaways. Not only is this time of the year low-season for tourism in Europe meaning you won't have to deal with the obscene lines and waits to get into monuments, but the scenery of the fall season leaves vibes of love in the air. Here is a list of some European cities that you and your love bird will enjoy.

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1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, a medieval city on the Danube River, this lively city could be your Thanksgiving getaway. Old Town will have you breathless, and the city's love for opera is like no other. Don't forget about the world class beer and wine that the Czech's are known for!

2. Bruges, Belgium

A romantic Belgian city that gives Venice vibes. This is the perfect city to visit if you want to relax, enjoy some waffles, Belgium's world class brews, and chocolate of course! This city brings charm, and none of the lines you'll experience in other European cities!

3. Florence, Italy

A city renowned for it's cultural influence during the Renaissance also happens to be a great destination for a Thanksgiving getaway. Warmer than the cities mentioned, you should still be enjoy a nice walk through it's cobblestone streets and sprawling gardens. Take your date to the city's countless markets, thousand year old churches and don't forget the legendary pizza!

4. Ljubljana, Slovenia

The capital of Slovenia rarely gets the credit it deserves. The city is barely over 300,000 allowing you to go on a romantic walk throughout the historic city centre in less than 15 minutes. Lazily browse the cafes, water-side shops, and relax.

5. Paris, France

Last but certainly not the least, the city of love itself. Take your date on a morning cruise on the Seine, feast on your favourite French delicacies, and bathe in the crisp atmosphere of this glorious French city in the most colourful season. Avoid the lines you'd experience here in the summer but also enjoy the city before winter takes it away from us until April!

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