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Here's Sydney Leathers' First Batch Of Post-Scandal Modeling Photos

Weiner's latest sexting friend features in new shots for New York-based leather clothing brand Apparel NY. The "Leathers in leather" joke is as good as it gets.

While in New York last week on her Weiner-bashing press tour, Sydney Leathers squeezed in an afternoon's leather-centric photoshoot.

As the new face of until now little-known leather clothing label Apparel NY, she shot campaign images for current lines and a future collection. Her reps say the brand contacted her; the New York Post reports just the opposite — and that Leathers cold-emailed to offer her modeling services.

And here they are.

And here's Leathers again in some catalog-style images, modeling some high-waisted leather skirts.

Lambskin leather skirts on sale for $60 and $90 respectively.

And some leather pants.

The dark chocolate pants are $125, the white ones $135 — because you just would pay more for a lace-up crotch on your leather pants, wouldn't you?

Not to mention this fascinating wraparound "skort."

Let's have a "holy whoa" moment for Sydney Leathers' back tattoo; skort (also on sale, go figure) at $65.

Naturally, there are leather coats and jackets.

Left to right: a "hipster" leather jacket for $120, a biker jacket for $70 and a lambskin coat for $150. Again, all three pieces on sale. Sale sale sale!

Also this red leather coat, which surely warrants a moment of its own.

A bargain at $400.

Leathers will be back on Apparel NY's site mid-September modeling the label's new fall collection — quite possibly timed perfectly for the mayoral primaries.

So look forward to it. Unless your "name" is Carlos Danger, in which case don't.

All photos courtesy of Apparel NY.

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