30 Pairs Of Mandals That Don’t Make Any Sense

Why is it so difficult to design a cute pair of men’s flip-flops?

1. Fan-Pleated Mandals

By Kay Kwok

2. Gladiator Mandals

By Dolce & Gabbana

3. More Gladiator Mandals

By Dolce & Gabbana — who’ve clearly been influenced by the Dothraki footwear aesthetic this season.

4. Strappy Silver Mandals

By Frankie Morello (These aren’t that bad, actually.)

5. Bland Mandals Paired with Lacy Leggings

By Astrid Andersen

6. Quintessential Versace Mandals

By Versace, because Donatella does what Donatella does.

7. Mandals Worn over Shoes

By Christopher Shannon

8. Those Mandals You Accidentally Leave Behind at The Beach and Don’t Care About Enough to Go Find Them Again

By Christopher Kane

9. Silly Faux-Gothic Studded Mandals


10. Garish Snakeskin Mandals

By Versace

11. Subdued Snakeskin Mandals

By Trussardi

12. Red Licorice Roll-Inspired Mandals

By Kay Kwok

13. Ostentatious Mandals

By Vivienne Westwood

14. Utilitarian Mandals That Look Like They’re Fastened with Velcro

By Belstaff

15. Bizarre Lace-Up Mandals.


16. Post-Apocalyptic Drifter Mandals

By Salvatore Ferragamo

17. Less Color-Conscious Post-Apocalyptic Drifter Mandals

Also by Salvatore Ferragamo

18. Thrift Store Mandals

By Dolce & Gabbana

19. Uncomfortable Toe-Separating Mandals


20. Your Dad’s Mandals

By Marni

21. Band-Aid Mandals

By Salvatore Ferragamo

22. Chunky Blue Orthopedic-Style Mandals

By Calvin Klein

23. Alternate Chunky Blue Orthopedic-Style Mandals

Also by Calvin Klein

24. Mandals Worn (With Their Room’s Courtesy Bathrobe) By Aging European Tourists to a Mediterranean Hotel’s Poolside Bar

25. Toe-Squishing Mandals

By Vivienne Westwood

26. These Aqua Mandals That Look Sort of Like Wedge Sandals from The Front

By Kay Kwok

27. Unnecessarily Beaded Mandals

By Kolor

28. Mandals That Look Like They’ve Been Made from Old Seaweed

By Dolce & Gabbana

29. Crisscross Mandals

By Versace

30. And, OK, these aren’t mandals but they’re weird/garish, plus you could only wear them to the beach, really. So they count.

By Richard James

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