15 Skrillex Moments In The New Marc Jacobs Menswear Campaign

A serious ranking from least to most Skrillex-esque.

This is the fall/winter 2013 Marc Jacobs menswear campaign.

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

Deliberately disheveled and just a little out-of-focus, it’s the latest in a long line of ads shot by Juergen Teller (whose campaign-themed collaboration with Jacobs now dates back over fifteen years’ worth of imagery).

And this is electronic musician and DJ Skrillex.

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

He is so edgy/alternative that Getty adds hipster-style Instagram filters to their photos of him.

You might be thinking “hey, isn’t that Skrillex on the far left in the campaign ad above?”

Or, you know, you might not be thinking that. It’s OK either way. But assuming you are wondering if Marc Jacobs likes his dubstep greasy, here’s an analysis of the campaign and its mostest Skrillex-est moments:

14. This is just a manbag. It’s not even remotely reminiscent of Skrillex.

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

He only carries a beat-up Carhartt backpack with badges pinned on it. (I have no idea if this is actually true or not.)

13. Again, this is just a bag.

Marc Jacobs makes good accessories, sure, but that’s not what we’re here for.

Skrillex says no.

Well, he’s shrugging. But that’s as good as we’re going to get. He was up until 5 a.m. this morning dropping beats or whatever it is the cool DJs do these days, and he’s very tired.

12. This is also not reminiscent of Skrillex at all. I mean, those loafers. Just no (see above).

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

(Don’t worry, it gets better.)

Skrillex wants more.

So then, more resemblance he shall have.

11. Here goes: no points for the model’s resemblance but this dank, graffiti-covered wall looks like it could be part of an underground club venue or something.

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

It’s possible, surely?

Yes, yes it is possible.

10. Similarly, this model is no McSkrill, but the glasses sure are…. kind of. It’s the little things.

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

9. Granted, Skrillex probably doesn’t like the buffet at Chinese restaurants much (who does?!), but this model is trying.

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

There’s definitely some shades of Skrillex about this hairdo.

And that effort warrants a small bout of applause.

8. A little bit too formal, but a further improvement in the hairstyle.

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

Skrillex likes where this is going.

He really likes where this is going.

7. This could be his pre-prom photo. If he went to prom, that is, because he might be too cool for that mainstream shit.

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

(His date will be down in a minute — she’s just re-applying her thick, thick black eyeliner. And no, he didn’t buy a corsage because really?)

6. I mean, he probably sat at home in a big wicker chair composing bass lines and dreaming of that Vegas club residency.

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

5. I asked a friend who’s actually seen Skrillex in concert if the resemblance was legitimate. She replied, “oh God yes, the hair and the pasty complexion and also the disgruntled expression.”

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

4. She then added, “you might also want to note that [the models] look like their voices haven’t cracked yet. LIKE SKRILLEX AHEM.”

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

Don’t shoot the messenger, yo.

3. Anyway, this could totally be Skrillex if he liked bright blue fur stoles.

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

2. He prefers leather jackets, baseball caps and gauges, though.

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

1. And so voila, a veritable Skrillex doppelganger, in the suit he’d wear to meet your folks for the first time, say, for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

The conversation would go as follows:
Your Dad says, “so there Sonny, I hear you’re a musician?”
Skrillex says, “I spin, yeah.”
Your Dad says, “Aren’t you worried you’ll get dizzy one of these days?”
Your Mom laughs nervously.

And then there’s an awkward silence for the rest of the meal apart from when everyone asks for a doggie bag because it’s actually impossible to finish the cheesecake you get for dessert in one sitting.

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