10 Ridiculous Moments From The Nail Art Runway Show On “America’s Next Top Model”

Honestly, Top Model’s producers must have the most fun EVER brainstorming challenges. Anything goes!

A recent Top Model photoshoot saw the would-be models posing with extravagant nail art.

Because who doesn’t love a good, gaudy manicure?

Also these nails say “SMIZE,” which is actually quite brilliant.

In fact, if I didn’t bite my nails, I’d be going to a salon and asking for a “Pot Ledom” manicure right now.


But perhaps even better than the photoshoot, however, the models had to “walk” a nail art-centric runway in a scene that, for some reason, got cut from the final episode.

1. OH YES, THEY DID. Like this:

3. This is the strut of a confident forefinger.

4. This is how you’d walk a runway if your legs were different lengths.

5. And this is how you’d walk the runway in the nail art equivalent of, say, stilts.

Which has also been a Top Model runway challenge! Of course it has.

6. This hand model nearly fell off the runway. Gosh, what a risk-taker.

7. This walk is too timid, and kind of hunched over.

(Models need to have stand tall, and have good posture!)

8. Whereas this is just showing off.

9. Ugh, this hand looks like it’s made out of wax and I don’t like it.

Anyway, saving the best for last: Chris H and his dangly nail chains. How to walk a runway with that?

10. Like this. Just wonderful.

Watch the full runway walk-off over on the Official ANTM YouTube channel.

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