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28 Reasons To Appreciate Zany British Fashion Designer Louise Gray

As she takes a break from her mainline collection, enjoy these examples of her wild and freewheeling work.

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British designer Louise Gray recently announced she'll be taking a year-long hiatus from her spot on London Fashion Week's schedule. This is a real shame.

In place of designing for her eponymous label, Gray says she'll be, "working on design and consultancy projects for major brands, as well as collaborating with my friends in London."

Even amid London's bold crop of young, avant garde designers, Gray's shows always stood out for their sense of near-anarchic fun, a consistent mish-mash of clever tailoring, beautiful prints and then usually a bunch of random shit resembling the detritus of a Supermarket Sweep cart dash — it all (mostly) made sense even though it probably shouldn't. Here's some of the many things London's runways will probably be missing these next two seasons:


4. I think this is actually the innards of a box of wine attached to a knit sweater here, which is just a fantastic idea.

Tim Whitby / Getty Images

And if it's not a plastic pouch of wine then it's a handy inflatable pillow for when you need a little nap here and there. From fall/winter 2013.


7. And this trash bag take on an ostentatious fascinator.

Tim Whitby / Getty Images

From fall/winter 2013. (Once, as a giddy young fashion student, I had to help design an outfit made entirely of trash bags... for a fashion show featuring homeless teens as models. The idea seemed in rather bad taste to me, but there you go.)

8. This fake mohawk on model Kelly Mittendorf, who never seemed to make as much of an impression as her features should dictate.

9. These brilliant sunglasses, which should definitely replace the basic black shades you see worn all too often on the front row.


22. This Christmas decoration-style craft project you made at school during art class. Paper chains were always your favorite, after all.

25. Handy rolls of duct tape doubling as chunky bracelets, because you never know when you'll need to tape someone to a lamppost (or wrap up a package, I suppose).

In conclusion, Louise Gray's return to the catwalk cannot come quickly enough.


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