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    Ranking All 25 Of The New "Bachelorette" Contenders By Their Style Choices

    Come on guys, a deep V-neck is not the way to begin your quest for a bride.

    ABC just released photos of all 25 would-be suitors competing on the new season of The Bachelorette.

    Because, you know, the show is still happening. It will always be happening. And having undertaken a painstaking analysis of the guys' outfits, here's a list of their likely placement on the show — from the unlucky few falling at the first hurdle to new Bachelorette Desiree's likely new husband.

    (Except when we say husband we mean guy she's temporarily engaged to for a few months before their inevitable breakup plays out in the tabloids.)

    25. Nick.

    24. Larry.

    23. Dan.

    22. Ben.

    21. Chris.

    20. Brandon.

    19. Robert.

    18. Kasey.

    17. Diogo.

    16. Bryden.

    15. Mikey.

    14. Mike.

    13. Will.

    12. Brian.

    11. Nick.

    10. James.

    9. Jonathan.

    8. Zack.

    7. Michael.

    6. Micah.

    5. Juan Pablo.

    4. Drew.

    3. Brooks.

    2. Brad.

    1. Zak.

    A word of warning, though: