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16 #Pippatips Pippa Middleton Reportedly Wants Removed From Twitter

#Pippatip: if you don't like something on the Internet, have your legal team deal with it. Lawyers for the not-royal Middleton sister are apparently trying to have a parody Twitter account shut down.

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Via Twitter: @Pippatips

@Pippatips, your handy Pippa Middleton parody account, tweets simple — very simple — lifehacks in the vein of Pippa's now infamous Celebrate party planning book, which included PMid's suggestions on making a good cup of tea.

Disclosure: I myself own a signed copy — humblebrag, I know — of Celebrate, and have enjoyed making Pippa's recipe for raspberry souffle on a number of occasions.

The #Pippatips creators recently released their first book — pregnancy-themed, naturally.


But the once-active Twitter feed has been noticeably quiet in the past month. This was a particular problem for, say, people looking to wear shoes but not sure where to put them — sample #Pippatip: "shoes go on your feet."

British newspaper The Independent reports today that "Middleton’s lawyers Harbottle & Lewis have written to the book’s publishers, Icon Books, to demand the @Pippatips Twitter account be deleted."

Here, a selection of the finest how-to tweets. Without the helpful advice, we may never know how to avoid getting lost.

(#Pippatip: use a map.)