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    Miss Philippines Wins Miss World 2013

    Megan Young, who was born in the United States but moved to the Philippines aged 10, gets herself a glitzy new tiara.

    Miss Philippines, 23 year-old Megan Young, was today crowned Miss World 2013 during the pageant's grand finale in Bali, Indonesia.

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    After security concerns, the ceremony had been moved to Bali from mainland Indonesia. In its new location (a Westin Resort hotel!), the night's sequin-filled festivities went off without a hitch.

    Indonesian Muslims had protested that the ceremony would insult their religion — specifically, the bikini "beach fashion" competition. To assuage some of their concerns, this year featured more modest sarongs in place of the regular two pieces.

    Security details on Bali remained on high alert throughout, however; in particular, a group led by members of the "hardline" Islamic Defenders' Front had threatened to make a scene and/or disrupt proceedings. But they missed the last ferry bound for Bali, so that was that. (The port was closed early, in a not-likely-to-be-coincidental move.)

    Rumors that one Gracie Lou Freebush had scored herself a sash, just to help keep the contestants safe — and enjoying late night pizza, could not be confirmed.

    With Young's big win announced, outgoing Miss World — that's China's Yu Wenxia — crowned her successor.

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    Wenxia is flanked by Miss World 2013 first and second runner-up respectively: Miss France (left) and Miss Ghana (right).

    That throne is fabulous. I hope Miss World gets to keep it.

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    Perhaps some of her runner-ups' duties could involve carrying her on it all year, palanquin-style.

    Also fabulous: the crown. But that's a given.

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    Look, now she has a fan too! These freebies just keep on coming.


    During the Q&A round, Young was asked flat-out why she deserved to win the Miss World title.

    Her answer: "I treasure a core value of humanity and that guides people why they act the way they do. I will use this to show other people how they can understand each other… as one, we can help society." Just lovely. And the judges felt her sincerity, apparently.

    Young had won her place in the finals thanks to placing first in the "Top Model" preliminary round earlier in the week. It was one big glamorous gown-fest.

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    She also placed fifth in the "beach fashion" swimwear round.

    And she also took part in a day full of ridiculous sporting activities like volleyball and tug-o-war.

    Ugh, beach volleyball is THE WORST.

    Anyway, yay she's Miss World 2013. Now she and all the other contestants have a sing-a-long.

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    What are they singing? It just HAS to be this.

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