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Mariah Carey Debuts Two Glamorous New Slings

At the premiere of her new movie The Butler in New York. Never change, Mimi — but do get better soon.

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First up, an afternoon's press conference. A semi-formal affair, which called for a chic lacy sleeve covering her sling. (It matches the LBD just so.)

A quick explainer f you haven't been following the minutae of Mariah's life: she recently dislocated her shoulder. Sure, the sleeve looks a little like she's repurposed a sultry bedroom stocking — or a less sultry bedroom drape — but this is MARIAH CAREY. It's basically sling couture, and she won't have it any other way.

And for the premiere itself, a shiny, studded sleeve

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

And this is how you can wear the same dress to two big events in the same day, because the right accessories are everything.

And this is how you upstage Oprah even when she's wearing a crystal-covered salmon pink dress and a hella big wig.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Let's hope Mariah's not mixing that glass of maybe white wine with any painkillers, though. Who even knows what might happen if that's the case.


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