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Kate Upton Set To Feature In "Golf Digest" Photoshoot

She really is, alongside golf legend Arnold Palmer.

Kate tweeted a photo from the magazine's shoot, wearing mis-matched patterns because that's the sort of thing golfers do.

Twitter / @kateupton

Golf Digest have also uploaded a behind-the-scenes video filmed on set.

(Upton's manager apparently has "family links" to Palmer, hence the gig.)

Palmer is, apparently, struggling with his putting technique.

Which I think we'd all at least pretend to be struggling with if we knew golf instructor KATE UPTON was nearby and ready to help.

And look, here she is! Giving helpful hints!

And would you look at that, success!

Palmer's scored.

Yay! The end.

Kate's shoot will feature in Golf Digest's December issue, out November 5th.

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