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Kate Middleton Finally Had Her Big Bump Moment

The duchess has largely hidden her bump so far, but she's finally reached the point at which a frock coat won't cut it. It's about time.

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The most iconic moment during any royal's pregnancy is that first moment when she emerges looking undeniably pregnant.

(That is, outside of the two occasions when news breaks confirming first the conception and later, the labor.) Having kept her bump under wrap coats and dresses — as well as hidden under purses and demurely clasped hands — for a solid six months, the Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed that moment yesterday.


She attended a big party for Scouts at Windsor Castle yesterday.

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In the castle's grounds, Kate met members of the Queen's Scouts — it's a special award — in place of the Queen herself, who was maybe nursing a hangover after a wild Saturday night's worth of celebrating her 87th birthday. (The palace's official line on Her Majesty's festivities: "a quiet day in private.")

And, yes, one very royal baby bump made its public debut.

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Under her modest Mulberry coat, Kate's bump was clearly visible. Though the Duchess is almost entering her third trimester, it's the first time she's shown off a noticeably pregnant frame. This is very exciting for monarchists and bloggers who've been dying to compare her pregnancy attire to Kim Kardashian's. (The latter will happen, unfortunately. It's only a matter of when.)

On a tour of the London Underground last month, Kate got a special "baby on board" badge.

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Now that she's showing, she won't need it anymore. (Most British commuters are still chivalrous enough to give up their seat for a pregnant lady, especially if it means they might get knighted for it.) Of course, seeing as she'll never need to travel the Central line outside of staged engagements ever again, she wouldn't have needed it anyway.


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