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Kanye West's Capsule Collection For A.P.C. Almost All Sold Out Already

This means there are a lot of people out there prepared to pay $120 for a plain white t-shirt with West's name on the label. That's worrying.

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Kanye West designed an eight piece "capsule collection" for French brand A.P.C., which went on sale yesterday. It promptly crashed A.P.C.'s website.


Most of the collection sold out within minutes of being listed online — less than 24 hours post launch there's very slim pickings left for shoppers late to the party:


And the final piece from Kanye's line, this t-shirt printed with a black and white photo of a merry band of skeletons, is no longer even listed on A.P.C.'s U.S. site.


You can still buy it in France, though — for the equivalent of $124. (And only in extra extra large.)

While a few pieces are still available on both the American, French and British A.P.C. sites, the line is completely sold out out in both Japan and Korea.


Though the person selling these "pre-owned" jeans looks a little less likely to luck out.

(Everyone knows eBay auctions are all about the last 5 minutes though, when those fuckers with super-speedy connections swoop in. Anything is possible!)

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