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Highlights From The 2004 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party

AARON PAUL AND SHANE WEST WIN AT LIFE. Also featuring Kate Bosworth, Bai Ling, Milo Ventimiglia, and a wild-eyed Whitney Cummings.

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Fashion model Chanel Iman, who's also wearing (personalized?) capri pants and a pair of pink Bebe heels.

(In other words, she hadn't started getting freebies from fashion designers yet.)

Obligatory Blu Cantrell "Oops!" moment.

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Trevor Wright, who would like you to know his briefs are of A&F quality.

Wikipedia helpfully states that Trevor's "very first break came through his involvement in music videos when, in 1989, Wright, along with fellow actor Elijah Wood, appeared in the video for Paula Abdul's single "Forever Your Girl," directed by David Fincher. He subsequently starred opposite singer and cousin Stacie Orrico in the videos for her singles "Stuck" (2003), and "I Could Be the One" (2004)."

Which means it's time for another gratuitous old music video:

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(Trevor doesn't actually feature in this video, but still, there's got to be more to life than scoring jobs off your cousin.)

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