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    Here's Barbie's Latest High-Fashion Collaboration

    Leather goods label Coach outfits the doll's new model in miniature versions of actual products. So you and your Barbie can match, if you're creepy like that.

    Meet Coach Barbie, retailing for $95 and styled head-to-toe in Coach merchandise.


    (She's apparently the first Barbie to feature accessories have been produced in exactly the same way as the design house she’s collaborated with. Get it, gurl.)

    She's wearing the label's Tattersall trench coat and there are some gaudy little decorative locks on her skirt — which are the same as those used on Coach bags.


    And comes well-accessorized with a Coach duffle bag (naturally) and tasseled heels too.

    Unfortunately, she's already been upstaged by the real-life Coach Barbie.

    Oh well.