Helen Mirren Wore Stripper Heels, Looked Stunning

Mirren showed off some fine Lucite footwear on the red carpet last night.

1. Helen Mirren attended the premiere of her new movie Red 2 in Los Angeles last night.


2. Here she is posing glamorously, working her best angles.


Mirren’s best angles: all of them.

3. And had a nice kissy kissy moment with her husband, director Taylor Hackford.

Jordan Strauss / AP

Taylor should probably try and look a little bit more into the whole PDA thing.

4. Mirren wore an elegantly-draped Elie Saab gown.


5. Which she paired with some delightful, donut-style earrings.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

6. Also a chunky bangle, which looks less like a donut, and a boxy gold clutch.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

7. Oh, and wait for it… some Lucite heels.

Stewart Cook / Rex USA

8. They’re polished and perfect, though sadly they don’t come with a tip slot.

Stewart Cook / Rex USA

9. Obviously, the only way to appropriately memorialize this moment is via Blingee:


(Although The Telegraph notes Helen has worn Lucite before on a few occasions, HBIC that she is.)

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