Every Fashion Moment In The 11-Second-Long Instagram Teaser For Britney Spears’s "Work Bitch" Music Video

She’s looking hot, but not quite in a bikini.

1. Instagram user jefezito12 — aka everyone’s newest hero — posted a teaser of the forthcoming wonderfulness that is Britney’s “Work Bitch” music video.

Consider it the best 11 seconds you’ll spend watching an Instagram video this YEAR, at least until a baby does something cute.

2. First up, here’s Britney standing on the edge of a pool. Her backup dancers are wearing black leather leotards, thigh high boots and masks/helmets.

Truth be told, they’re probably a bit sweaty :(

3. But Britney looks fucking fabulous, which is what counts.

4. She’s wearing frayed metallic hot pants that SPARKLE.

(Along with a matching bra, fringed cape of sorts, and chunky heels that look to be Louboutins — there’s a flash of red sole to be noted bottom right.)

6. She has a vanity table in the desert!

And yes, that’s a bottle of her “Fantasy” perfume displayed prominently. Product placement people, product placement!

7. Her panties have a zipper!

8. And now she’s in the desert with more backup dancers in black leather leotards. Who knows what’s going on with her hot pants here, specifically — the point is that whatever it is, it’s amazing.

9. Back to the pool to finish out the clip. I think we’re all worn out.

10. You better work, bi… oh wait, you already are.

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