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    Disney Princesses Styled Like Miley Is A Thing Now

    You'll NEVER be able to look at Sleeping Beauty in the same way again.

    1. Ugh. But what would her fairy godmothers think?

    Michele Moricci / Via

    2. Also, this is NOT what we had in mind for you when you traded in your flippers, Ariel.

    Michele Moricci / Via

    3. Mulan looks great though.

    Michele Moricci / Via

    4. And so does Jasmine.

    Michele Moricci / Via

    The brilliant (but still somehow childhood-ruining) illustrations come courtesy of Michele Moricci, drawn exclusively for Cosmopolitan.

    See five more of the princesses over at You'll never guess who's straddling that wrecking ball... or wait, is that you'll never WANT to guess who's straddling that wrecking ball?

    (Cogsworth would be just devastated.)