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    13 Essential Moments From Cara Delevingne's New Commercial For A Japanese Fashion Website

    Model of the moment Delevingne fronts a dance-heavy ad for Japanese e-tailer La Boo. Marvel at her best moves.

    1. First she's dancing in bed. We've all been there.

    2. And taking out some latent, dance-induced aggression on some unsuspecting soft toy.

    3. More #plushieaggression. This needs to stop. Won't someone think of the plushies?


    Naturally, Cara is listening to this classic J-Pop hit, courtesy of girlband extraordinaire Momoiro Clover Z.

    5. And then some hairdryer/wind machine glamour.

    6. Hairdryer glam take #2

    7. And then some funny/campy dancing.

    8. Chicken dancing! (aka funny dancing take #2)

    9. I don't know what this is about.

    10. But this is definitely Cara's take on classic '90s raver dance move "the box," aka "the shelf stacker."

    11. O_O

    12. Obligatory toy horse moment.

    13. And a g'bye in the form of airy kisses.

    Enjoy the commercial in full over on YouTube.

    Somehow the finished product makes even less sense as the sum of its parts.

    p.s. the best/worst thing about the YouTube video is this comment: